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The Intrinsi Difference by Edward Paget and Jon Gabbai

How do you know which clinic will get you the relief you are seeking in the quickest and most effective way?

We are here to help you decide if Intrinsi is the best fit for you and how our team of therapists can work together, with you at the center, to truly maximize your potential, help you avoid injury and recover from ailments in a sustainable way. We are proud to offer a team of exceptional therapists that compliment each other’s skill-set to provide you the service you should expect from a healthcare clinic.

Let’s start with the similarities for most health care clinics:

  1. Osteopathic therapy, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic clinics understand that the release of tension in joints, muscles, tethered nerves and fascia allows healing to occur.
  2. All three professions aim to help you recover from pain and injury.
  3. Most clinics provide hands on work. We’ve all been trained to use our hands to diagnose and treat the restrictions that are preventing your body from healing.
  4. All clinics should give you a treatment plan so you know what to expect going forward.

Now for the differences you can expect at Intrinsi:

  1. Intrinsi is proud to be a unique, stand-alone and clinician run clinic. We are not a chain of clinics, we are not owned by businessmen and we do not provide a cookie-cutter approach to rehabilitation.
  2. Our Osteopathic therapists and Physiotherapists work not only with the spine and joints, but with tissues, scars, fascia and fluids as well. When you come in for a particular issue, our therapists will not fall into the common trap of ‘chasing pain’. We do not believe in a ‘Band Aid’ approach of patching up the sore spot over and over again, but rather, we pride ourselves in taking the time to figure out why you are having the pain in the first place.
  3. At Intrinsi there is no single protocol that is applied to all patients.   A lot of clinics are often protocol driven which means that there is less individual focus on the unique underlying causes of your problem.
  4. With Intrinsi it doesn’t particularly matter what or where your problem is. It could be anything from a childhood injury to painful menstrual cramps or recurring headaches.  What matters is the methodical way in which our therapists address your issues and the skills we pride ourselves in to allow us to remove the restrictions that are causing you a problem.
  5. Our approach to health care is client centered care, not provider centered care. In reality, most clinics will implement a host of processes that primarily suit the operational needs of the clinic, whether it be booking multiple patients or only treating one issue per session. At Intrinsi, our focus is solely on fitting around what we truly believe is best for the client.
  6. Our therapists are very hands on. Many clinics rely on an array of other tools like ultrasound or activators to bolster their treatment sessions. The problem with relying on these gadgets is that they cannot replace the sensitivity and deliberate use of the human touch. Our therapists rely on their extensive training and experience to treat what they feel. Sadly, our professional opinion is that a lot of clinics rely on modalities to ‘buy time’ with passive treatment techniques that allow the therapist to multitask when they should be focusing on you.
  7. On that note, you may have noticed that most clinics treat more than one person within the time of your treatment.  At our clinic, you get a focused, one-to-one experience. Your time is your time and from start to finish it is tailored around what you actually need.
  8. Our therapists consciously give a lot of time to each patient on each visit because we know it takes time to heal a person. We know that it takes more than five minutes to hear your whole story, assess you properly and begin to treat you in a way that makes a difference. We believe that without protecting this time, the source of pain is often overlooked and the solutions that matters cannot be properly addressed.

The bottom line:

Our honest opinion is that very few clinics can (or even strive to) offer the experienced, holistic multi-disciplinary team approach to your care that we pride ourselves on. At Intrinsi, every client can expect a tailored service that includes:

  • Your first visit that lasts one hour of one-on-one time, spent assessing and treating your issues. Subsequent treatments last 30 – 45 minutes.
  • Access to highly trained Osteopathic therapists and Physiotherapists who have a genuine passion for helping you.
  • An honest approach to care, that looks to empower you as the driver to feeling healthy, not a reliance on us to passively get you there. Our statistics show that with as little as 5 treatments we help 90% of our clients get significant relief from pain and injury.

Our promise to you:

Our therapists are trained to understand and explain the link between the cause of your problem and the symptoms you are experiencing. They are experts in the field of the human body with extensive training at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

We will clearly suggest a treatment plan so you know what to expect going forward. We will make sure this is a reasonable plan which can fit into your busy life. Once your problematic symptoms have been relieved we will also discuss a plan for prevention – to keep your old symptoms from reoccurring.

What Is Osteopathy

  • Is both a natural medicine and a treatment philosophy.
  • Is hands-on, gentle and respectful. Is non-invasive.
  • Helps you recover from pain, injury and illness.
  • Gets to the root of your problem to clear up both your symptoms and their cause.
  • Reconnects you to health and ease without using drugs, machines or surgery.
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" I was told that it typically takes 18 months to 2 years to recover from a frozen shoulder.  In only three months, I have almost complete range of motion and very little, if any, pain.  Needless to say I am very pleased!"

While doing rehab for a broken wrist I managed to develop a frozen shoulder.  I had no range of motion and it was very painful.  I was not seeing any improvement after many visits to a physio, who did an ultrasound and hooked me up to some other machine, then prescribed exercises that I was not able to do because of pain.