Banish pain and nurture strength in your mind and body.

We take a holistic approach to managing pain while reconnecting you to your innate capacity to be strong, flexible and deeply healthy.

Offering osteopathic therapy in our clinic and unique natural fitness programs in our Natural Movement Centre.

Intrinsi CLINIC

Healing Mind, Body and Soul

Hands-on, gentle, respectful and non-invasive.

As a natural treatment and philosophy for managing pain, injury and illness, osteopathy gets to the root of your discomfort to address both your symptoms and their cause.

The practice of osteopathy is about understanding the body’s interrelated parts and their dynamic relationship, and how this can manifest as pain, injury and illness. Osteopathic therapists use a hands-on approach to understanding how your entire body is functioning as a unit.


Reclaim Your Nature

The study and practice of practical, real-world movement.

Unlock your body’s intrinsic ability to move easily and with strength. Natural movement will help you restore your health, vitality and mental clarity.

Natural movement uses functional exercises such as rehabilitation, fitness and lifestyle programs, appreciating that healthy movement stimulates healing and improvement to your wellbeing.