Antoine Michel


IMG-20170424-WA0002 (1)Antoine’s approach to treating people with osteopathy is very gentle. When you are treated by Antoine he will begin by using his hands along with his deep understanding of the body to reduce your pain.  His treatments will then focus on your nervous system and other deeper systems including the hormonal cranial and lymphatic systems.  Antoine believes the best ingredients to get you feeling fantastic are a deep understanding of anatomy, movement and space for the body to heal.

For the last 5 years Antoine has has had the privilege of being the only osteopath to work directly with a team of pediatricians and gynecologists, this enabled him to specialize in helping pregnant women, babies and children.

Antoine enjoys the challenge of treating acute or chronic pain because his education gives him a strong, in depth understanding of anatomy and how to find the root cause of your pain or injury.  Through his years of training and experience Antoine works to treat your needs with your preferences during your treatments.

With an ongoing love of learning Antoine brings you an evolving method of treatment that is always growing and adapting to your needs.  In addition to treating pregnant women, children and babies Antoine has a passion for treating muscular problems and educating people on how to prevent future problems whilst keeping healthy. He believes that, where possible, prevention is key.

Born in France, Antoine became an Osteopath after receiving treatments as a child. He was amazed as the Osteopath worked with him, testing the mobility of his joints and finding out what wasn’t working 100%. He was impressed by the way the Osteopath was able to feel his body and work out exactly what he needed to get better,  this seemed like magic to a child. It was from that point Antoine knew he wanted to learn all that Osteopathy had to offer him. This led him to achieve his masters in Osteopathy and move into a career where he could treat and inspire others.

Antoine has spent the last 5 years practicing osteopathy in the Caribbean Island of Martinique.  He comes to Calgary with his wife to start a new adventure and new chapter of their lives.  He is fluent in both English and French.


Antoine is fully registered with the AAOMT and has:

  • A five year Masters in Osteopathy in Paris, France (DOMP)
  • Extensive experience with craniosacral therapy
  • Specializes in cranial visceral therapy
  • Extensive experience in pediatrics