21 Day Sugar Detox

Next Challenge Sunday November 20th – Sunday December 11th, 2016

To Register: Call us on 403 229 9214

“Sugar was once called a ‘white death’…It is estimated that an average western person consumes about 160 – 200IB. of this highly processed substance per year.  Sugar is everywhere and it’s hard to find any processed food without it.  Apart from causing the blood glucose roller coaster and having a detrimental effect on the gut flora, it has been shown to have a direct damaging effect on the immune system.  On top of that, to deal with the sugar onslaught, the body has to use available minerals, vitamins and enzymes at an alarming rate, finishing up being depleted by these vital substance.” Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

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Natural Movement Workshops

Would you like to see if natural movement is for you?  OurNMCnaturalmovementworkshop
workshops enable you to sample this incredible form of fitness and discover how it can help you.

Introduction to Natural Movement Workshops:

Friday August 19th, 5- 6:45pm

Friday September 9th, 5 – 6:45pm

These workshops are a perfect way to discover if Natural Movement is for you.   The workshops include both movement, discussion and post work out nutrient dense drinks & snacks.

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Osteopathy and Natural Movement, a Perfect Synergy of Health

By Ed Paget

  •  Can you get up from the floor without using your hands?
  • Do you have the strength and flexibility to move into and out of a deep squat position?SquatIf you can’t, you should take note…a recent study from Brazil showed that people who used their hands and knees to help them get up from the floor have an increased risk of dying in the following 6 years when compared to those who can go down and get up without any support.

With this type of research in mind our osteopathic clinic is evolving to include a centre dedicated to the practice of natural movement.  Personally I used to be all about what I could feel with my hands but I’ve shifted my interest to look at how people move.

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MovNat Certification and Workshop Calgary Nov 2016

MovNatIntrinsi is proud to be hosting the second Calgary MovNat Level 1 & 2 certification and workshop.

Friday Nov 27th- Sunday Nov 29th, 2016

Intrinsi’s Natural Movement Centre
#101, 17th Ave S.W (next to the clinic)

Cost and more information here:

Certification – $1,350$1,770

Workshop – $420



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Vote_4_Us_Web-Icon_2016Intrinsi’s mission is to deliver ‘ah-ha’ moments that create understanding, inspire change and promote healing. Through our osteopathic & natural movement services we help you make more sustainable lifestyle choices.

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