21 Day Sugar Detox

Next Challenge October/November, 2016

“Sugar was once called a ‘white death’…It is estimated that an average western person consumes about 160 – 200IB. of this highly processed substance per year.  Sugar is everywhere and it’s hard to find any processed food without it.  Apart from causing the blood glucose roller coaster and having a detrimental effect on the gut flora, it has been shown to have a direct damaging effect on the immune system.  On top of that, to deal with the sugar onslaught, the body has to use available minerals, vitamins and enzymes at an alarming rate, finishing up being depleted by these vital substance.” Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

At Intrinsi we’re proud to offer you a 21 day sugar detox  – a respite from foods that cause inflammation and illness so that you can heal your gut, mend the roller coaster of your energy up’s and downs and re-wire your taste buds so that your ‘sweet tooth’ is tamed.  

This challenge includes a step by step whole foods meal plan for 21 days and probiotics that will help heal your gut and support the organs that assist in detoxifying your body.

The digestion challenge at Intrinsi has completely changed my life. Here’s the facts: my husband John and I are 58 yrs old and 70 yrs old, since the last Intrinsi digestion challenge we are healthier, we have completely changed the foods we eat, we have more energy, food is more delicious, we run, walk and weight train almost every day. Feeling healthier and fitter is simply amazing and the big bonus is the 14 plus centimetres we both lost around our waist lines. Too good to miss – just do this! We are so thankful to both Ed and Lucy, and Intrinsi for this new understanding about food and nourishing our bodies.” Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D

You should do this challenge if:

  • Your eating habits are stuck in a rut and you know you need to change them
  • You know sugar is bad for you but you need support and an action plan to cut it out
  • You want to eliminate your digestive problems and heal your gut naturally
  • It’s time for a spring or fall clean!  (everyone’s gut, liver and kidneys need supporting and how better to do it than on this challenge!)

Included in the price of the challenge are the following:

  • The book ”The 21 Day Sugar Detox’ which has a 21 day menu plan and three levels to choose from.  This book is full of delicious recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.  It’s a whole foods based nutrition action plan that will reset your body and your habits!
  • 1 month course of probiotics to heal your gut and improve your immune system
  • $25 gift card towards an osteopathic treatment during the challenge
  • 10% off supplements at Intrinsi during the challenge

The above goodie bag can be collected as of Thursday March 24th, 2016

Cost of challenge: $109 plus gst

If members of your household (ie people who live in the same house as you) are taking part the first person pays the full cost plus gst and subsequent  participants  just pay the price for their probiotics.

Who should NOT do the challenge

Vegans and vegetarians –The 21 day sugar detox is rich in animal and fish protein.  If you are pescatarian this challenge will work for you!

Probiotics – why they are part of the 21 day digestion challenge?

Probiotics boost your immune system, prevent eczema and allergies, resolve antibiotic related gut problems AND can help resolve your digestive issues.

There are billions of bacteria living in the intestinal tract often referred to as ”microflora”.  Probiotics are live ”friendly” bacteria found in the microflora working to keep a healthy intestinal balance, reducing the amount of harmful bacteria while replenishing and maintaining beneficial strains. Maintaining this balance is critical for overall good health.

Here’s what people have to say about the digestion challenge:

“I am so glad Intrinsi hosted this, and that I participated. I have better energy, no digestive pain, and zero sugar cravings. This is huge for me!” Peggi Mcdougall, Calgary AB

I sleep so much better and have no pain which is a big plus. Thank you for being there for me.” Diane Pronovost, Calgary AB

“I’ve been hypoglycaemic all my adult life (annoying endless snack preparations & stress of blood sugar crashes). 1 week into this detox & my blood sugar is SO much more even. I feel satiated – no carbs/sugar cravings at all (aside from missing berries). Sleep is better. It is so freeing and calming to not have to deal worry about blood sugar fluctuations! I’m telling all my friends about this program!”  Lisa Murray, Calgary AB

“I have really enjoyed this “challenge”. It really helped that there was a virtual group to do it with and that you kept up with facts and reminders. I think it made it easier to complete and it made the 3 weeks go by faster. I will do it again next time you run it.” Tiffanie Billey, Calgary AB

Ready to take the next step and get greater health, heal your gut naturally, change your eating habits for the better and get moving? 


Natural Movement Workshops

Would you like to see if natural movement is for you?  OurNMCnaturalmovementworkshop
workshops enable you to sample this incredible form of fitness and discover how it can help you.

Introduction to Natural Movement Workshops:

Friday August 19th, 5- 6:45pm

Friday September 9th, 5 – 6:45pm

These workshops are a perfect way to discover if Natural Movement is for you.   The workshops include both movement, discussion and post work out nutrient dense drinks & snacks.


  • Learn the natural movement way to warm up and wake up your body  with our ‘natural developmental sequence’
  • Learn to Re-Balance with fun and sometimes challenging balancing sequences
  • Integrate your right and left sides, wake up your core and strengthen your pelvic floor with natural movement crawling patterns
  • Recover your shoulder and upper body mobility and strength with an introduction to climbing (even our 70+ year old members are being introduced to climbing – you are never too old)
  • Wake up your feet and hands with stretches and mobility exercises


  • What is natural movement? & how it can help you reclaim lost abilities
  • The physical and mental health benefits of natural movement
  • Our story… how we chose natural movement
  • How to become a member

Eat & Drink:

After you’ve worked hard and had ample mental stimulation you’ll get to enjoy our ‘on tap’ Happy Belly Kombucha and delicious raw, vegan snacks from Basic Roots.   We believe that what you refuel with after a work out needs to be good for your body and mind which is why we’ve searched high and low to find the best local, organic food and drink to fill your belly with goodness.

Parent & Kids Natural Movement Workshops: Kids Summer Camp

Thursday August 25th, 4:30 – 5:45 pm, 7 – 12 yrs old + an adult/parent

In these playful workshops you and your kids will be taught the most efficient way to move.  You will have a safe place to explore and reclaim your natural movement abilities. You will: 

  •  Enhance your motor skills
  •  Learn mindfulness in movement
  •  Get both a physical and mental workout

Natural Movement is a study of practical, real-world movement. It is a rehabilitation, fitness and lifestyle program grounded in the knowledge that healthy movement gets to the root of our problems. It will change how you move—and more.

Call us on 403 229 9214 to book a workshop.


Osteopathy and Natural Movement, a Perfect Synergy of Health

By Ed Paget

  •  Can you get up from the floor without using your hands?
  • Do you have the strength and flexibility to move into and out of a deep squat position?SquatIf you can’t, you should take note…a recent study from Brazil showed that people who used their hands and knees to help them get up from the floor have an increased risk of dying in the following 6 years when compared to those who can go down and get up without any support.

With this type of research in mind our osteopathic clinic is evolving to include a centre dedicated to the practice of natural movement.  Personally I used to be all about what I could feel with my hands but I’ve shifted my interest to look at how people move.

Ed Lunge

I’ve been following the leading lights in the industry for some time (think Vern Gambetta, Gary Gray, Gray Cook, Gary Ward etc.) Recently I’ve noticed there has been an emergence into the mainstream of a form of movement called ‘natural movement.’  It seems odd to me that movement needs a qualifying word in front of it but I can see why it’s necessary as ‘movement’ means so many different things to different people.

I see a similar situation to what we currently have with food; when we go to the grocery store some food is labeled as organic, well in actual fact food that is grown without pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers is just normal or natural.  It’s as if organic food should have no label because it’s natural, and all other food should have labels specifying what’s different about it or how it’s unnatural.  Natural movement finds itself in the same predicament.
Squatting, sitting, crawling, jumping, running, climbing etc. are not new movements, they are perhaps some of the oldest movements that we, as humans, have.  They are innate to our species.  From an evolutionary sense more modern movements used in activities like cycling, most team sports and even the gym are relatively new to our bodies and provide a stimulus that is…well…different.

Lucy and I have noticed how some of our most injured patients or those chronically in pain seem to be the weakest.  In addition to The 2014 Brazilian Longevity it doesn’t take a group of scientists to tell me that the more mobile and stronger I’ll be in my 70’s, 80’s and 90’s the better quality of life I will have.

With this in mind, I’ve begun to question a lot of the activities my patients do to keep fit and remain strong.  I’ve asked many of them to tell me what they want to be capable of when they hit their 80’s (play with grand kids, ski, jog etc.) and asked them how their current activities are leading them towards that.  One recent case was a gentleman in his 50’s who’d just discovered CrossFit.  He loved it, and started training 5 days a week.  He lost weight, and saw rapid strength changes with the movements he did but still couldn’t sit down on the floor without using his hands, which is one of the indicators of early death in the Brazilian study. Like most people, he chose not to focus on and improve what he couldn’t do, but instead he added more weight to what he could do.  The challenge for him became about how many pounds he could lift with no real end goal in mind – just the next personal best.  Now, if you think about that type of motivation for a second, what is the most likely outcome for him? When would he stop?  You guessed it, it’s when the weakest area of his body gave out, which in his case was one of his knees.  So he has now spent 8 months not being able to lift anything; losing all the gains he had, but more importantly he is now further away from any goals he had in mind for his mobility in his 70’s and 80’s then he did when he started lifting weights.

Read More


MovNat Certification and Workshop Calgary

MovNatIntrinsi is proud to be hosting the second Calgary MovNat Level 1 & 2 certification and workshop.

Friday May 27th- Sunday May 29th, 2016

Intrinsi’s Natural Movement Centre
#101, 17th Ave S.W (next to the clinic)

Cost and more information here:

Certification – $1,350$1,770

Workshop – $420



CrawlingMovNat Logomovnat2016cert



Vote_4_Us_Web-Icon_2016Intrinsi’s mission is to deliver ‘ah-ha’ moments that create understanding, inspire change and promote healing. Through our osteopathic & natural movement services we help you make more sustainable lifestyle choices.

Small business like ours are the life blood of the city.    Here are some interesting facts you may not know about how you can change Calgary for the better when you shop locally:

  • REAP businesses divert 9.5 million kgs per year through composting & recycling programs

  • Shifting 10% of your spending to local businesses can create 31,000 new jobs & $940 million in new wages

  • REAP businesses divert 11 million kgs of  CO2 each year through green power purchasing

  • Non local banks are 3x more likely to send your money outside the city

  • Local restaurants spend 3x more money locally than chains.

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