Community Impact

Intrinsi is a locally owned Calgary company.  We are committed to community impact finalisthigh integrity relationships with our clients, minimal environmental impact, active involvement in our community and being a great place to work at.

Intrinsi's Bees

Community Bees

Just because we are an indoor business we refuse to be trapped inside four walls.  We see a profound connection between the health of the city environment and healthy, happy clients.

In 2014 we heard about the opportunity for our business to have bees.   We figured, not only would it be fun to become fledgling beekeepers, but it would also have a positive community impact to be part of a group of businesses (ten in Calgary) that have corporate hives – all located along Calgary’s river bike paths.  These hives are used for community education for Calgarians to learn about the importance of urban pollinators and try their hand at beekeeping.  Find out more about our bees here 

Partners_ReapBeLocalBe Local Member

In 2014 Intrinsi became a member of ‘Be Local’ which is a platform for local and sustainable businesses. We have come to use this business network as our primary resource for finding services and products.  Visit our profile Be Local page here. 

Local Economic Benefit

57% of Intrinsi’s suppliers are locally owned companies. We always look to purchase from local companies because we understand the positive impact it has on local economy to buy local.

Investing in People

Calgary Living Wage LeaderWe support an Alberta poverty reduction strategy by being a Living wage leader.

We provide a benefit package and staff discounts to all of our staff – both part time and full time.  Full time staff enjoy reimbursement in their continued education. The amount increases with each year working for intrinsi.

From the start of their employment both full time and part time staff are paid to come to a weekly team meeting in which we cycle through community speakers, internal staff presentations, business speakers and a fun team meeting on a monthly basis.

Local Art

 Landscape Painting by Canadian Artist Melissa McKinnonWe have an in-house “Art Coordinator” who sources, displays, and sells art from local artists right here in our clinic. This helps give local talent a place to display their work, resulting in increased exposure, awareness, appreciation, and of course – income. Again, this is a large commitment compared to simply outfitting our clinic with permanent pictures from a store. However, we enjoy the freshness of new art every season, and we notice that you, our clients, enjoy it too.

Sustainability Profile

Every year we save approximately, 4,560 C02 emissions through our affiliation with Bullfrog power.bullfrogpower_0.img_assist_custom

We diverted 1,350 Kg of waste through our recycling initiatives.

At our clinic we recycle all recyclable office waste; we have energy efficiency programs through bullfrog power, LED lights and temperature regulation within the clinic; we use only green cleaning products; we have a staff commuter incentive program; our building supplies are from clean green sources (reclaimed timber and building supplies all bought from Rivas ecostore); we have ecofriendly paper products and administrative supplies.

Community Impact