Medical doctors and other healthcare professionals do refer a lot of their patients to our clinic for rehabilitation. However, we do not require a referral should you like to book an appointment at our clinic. A large percentage of our patients hear about us through word of mouth, from friends or family members.

Although it is not a necessity, it can be useful to bring supplementary information to your first appointment such as diagnostic imaging or lab results. Although these tests may be helpful, they are not 100% necessary as our therapists will perform a thorough assessment and intake with you during your first visit.

First we will ask you some questions, one on one, that will allow us to get a better understanding of your injury or illness and how best to treat you (we prefer to ask you the questions rather than have you fill out a long intake form because we like to get the details from you). Then we will have you do some gentle movements and will use our hands to feel for restrictions. After we’ve seen how you move, and felt what’s not working as it should we’ll chat to you about what we’ve found and if you’re comfortable we’ll continue with the treatment. The treatment is never the same for any two people – our training and experience allows us to figure out what type of hands on work your body needs.

First of all, complete recovery is not always possible. We wish it was. But we will be honest with you about the possibilities and limitations of what we can do with your particular condition.

On average we see our patients 6 – 8 times over a period of 2-3 months in order to address both the obvious and the hidden causes that have stopped them from being well, and we recommend at least one week between appointments to give your body time to settle.


Our Osteopathic and Physiotherapy rates are based on the length of appointment booked. After your first appointment  your therapist will specify which time length they would like you to book for your subsequent visits.

Registered Osteopathic Therapist
New Patient Adult (60 mins) $155
New Patient Child/ Follow-up (34-45 mins) $120
Follow-up (20-30 mins) $95

(please note that appointment times are approximate as therapists must also allow time to take notes and for patients to change clothes)

Many of the larger private insurance companies will cover visits with our registered osteopathic therapists. Please check with your insurance company to see if your plan includes osteopathy, and if your insurance company recognizes the Alberta Association of Osteopathic Manual Therapists (the organization with which our therapists are registered). Should your insurance company require more information about the Alberta Association of Osteopathic Manual Therapists, please direct them to www.osteopathyalberta.com

After each visit, we provide you a detailed receipt that includes your therapist’s registration number. You may then submit this receipt to your insurance company to be reimbursed for your visit. Please note that we do not offer direct billing and that Alberta Health Care does not cover Osteopathy.

The premise that we take – the principle that is at the core of our osteopathic manual therapy practice is that we appreciate your body as a whole. We understand the interconnected nature of every structure within the body: the ligaments, the muscles, the fascia, the organs, the nervous system, the blood flow and how each area has been affected by the way you live, the way you move and the work that you do. Using this knowledge is at the heart of our practice so that when we diagnose and treat we are looking at more than the symptomatic area.

All of our osteopathic manual therapists have completed a 4-5 year Bachelors or Masters degree in Osteopathy.  We look to recruit osteopaths from countries where the high standards of osteopathic education are regulated.  In this way you can be confident in our therapist’s high level of knowledge in anatomy, differential diagnosis and orthopaedics. At Intrinsi we exceed the required 30 hours per year of continued education by a long way with weekly in house training complimented by yearly external seminars.  In addition all our therapists are members of the Alberta Association of Osteopathic Manual Therapists  which requires its members to meet or exceed the educational guidelines outlined by the World Health Organization for osteopathy in 2010. Please note that we are not osteopathic physicians, we are trained at schools that specialize in osteopathic manual therapy. For more information on the differences please click here.

We are committed to creating a healthy environment at our clinic.

  • We’ve painted our walls using zero emission (No VOC) mythic paints on our walls.
  • We buy our electricity from Bullfrog Power – a company that pumps renewable sources (mainly wind) of energy back into the grid based on the amount that we use each month
  • We recycle and buy recycled stationary including pens, paper and ink cartridges
  • Our cleaning products are free from any harmful chemicals. We source cleaning products that meet high standards of production, reduce waste and are healthy for us and for you.
  • We serve medicinal grade organic teas in reusable china cups.
  • Our website is hosted by a company that uses wind power to energize their servers.
  • We use an online booking system rather than a paper system.
  • Our hand soaps and moisturisers are all organic.
  • Our massage lotion is organic and paraben free.
  • And we’re constantly looking at how we can become more environmentally friendly and community minded so that the fabric of our clinic is in line with our values.

For Osteopathic manual therapists in Alberta please click here 

For Osteopathic manual therapists in Canada please click here

Our cancellation policy is easy  to maintain and simple to remember, we only require 24 hours notice. Because we keep an appointment wait list, we find it helpful to have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Cancellations are accepted via email, telephone, and voicemail and we check for cancellations even on Sundays and holidays so that our 24 hour cancellation policy remains easy and consistent. Late cancellations affect 3 parties – the individual who is cancelling, the therapist who was reserved for the appointment, and any client who might be waiting for an appointment. Requiring 24 hours notice gives us enough time to offer a cancelled appointment to another client who would benefit from our services. Less than 24 hours notice often means that our staff, and your therapist have already spent time preparing to see you, and it decreases the likelihood that another client will be able to come in instead. Thus, for late cancellations we charge up to 100% of the visit cost.