Gabriel Linger


Gabe LingerGabe believes that to live life to the fullest we have to move well, with confidence and be pain free.  His commitment to you, as his patient, is to help you find the origin of your pain and remove it.  He does this by combining both movement therapy and osteopathic therapy.

Whilst practicing in Australia he became known amongst his peers for his uncanny ability to help people with ankle, knee, neck and back pain. He has enjoyed working with elite athletes from the Australian Football League, but what he finds most fulfilling is helping everyday people with nagging injuries to become pain free and educating them so that they can then learn to prevent the pain from returning.

Growing up and working in the city of Melbourne, Australia, he understands first hand the toll that the everyday hustle and bustle of city life and commuting can take on your body.

His love of Osteopathy came from personal experience.  As a teenager he had a knee injury followed by an unsuccessful knee reconstruction which left him in pain and unable to trust his knee, feeling it might suddenly give way.  This went on for about a year until he saw an osteopath.  The osteopath looked at his whole body and was the first therapist to get his knee working again.  He was amazed to discover the interconnected nature of the body, and is still fascinated by the way something simple like the way you walk can affect anything from your knee to your neck.

Gabe completed his Masters of Osteopathy at the Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. He is eager to further his knowledge and is currently undertaking post graduate studies in the functional and movement approach to treatment.  He keeps up to date with all the latest research through pod casts, journals and networking.  He moved to Calgary to explore new adventures as well as further his knowledge and skills as an osteopathic therapist at Intrinsi.