Khai Luu


Andy headshot photoKhai’s approach to treatment starts with a full assessment to find the cause of your pain. He believes in treating the cause of the problem, not the symptom. He is passionate about learning how movements and postural habits can potentially affect your well being. As a practitioner he is continuously invested in learning new techniques and skills to deliver the best care to you.

Khai has graduated from 3000-hour clinical massage therapy program. He understands that the symptoms you’re presenting with have underlying causes. He strives to determine and understand the primary factors which are causing your symptoms and treat you holistically instead of creating a ‘band-aid’ solution. He works with you to create a treatment plan that will include ongoing care to get you back to yourself and doing the things you love.

He has great success in treating pain that is related to postural deficiencies and continues to learn to expand his education on the systems of the musculoskeletal system. Through his continuing education, Khai is has learned many techniques for treating a variety of conditions that can affect people.

Enjoying the company of good friends and like-minded people, Khai is open minded and am always to challenging himself to greater achievement. As time goes by, the more he learns about the human body and its relation to the surrounding environment, the deeper appreciation he has for the complexity of human structure and functions. His passion for helping people, knowledge, and skill make him your go-to massage therapist.

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