Lucy Paget


lucyLucy’s true passion is to help you feel a sense of harmony and ease in the world – and her extensive skill and training enable her to do just that.

For the majority of her hands on work she relies on craniosacral osteopathy to peel back the layers of tension that have built up in her clients’ systems over time. Her gentle, hands-on treatment is very subtle. It will connect you to your natural vitality, and you will experience noticeably greater freedom of movement.

Lucy is also one of our Pelvic Floor Therapists who helps women with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Having had 2 children herself she knows intimately the pelvic floor issues that arise post partum and is keen to offer help in the form of treatment and exercise rehabilitation to women who’ve had kids recently or a while back (but never got back to being 100%).

But Lucy comes with a friendly warning: She is not the person to see if you’re looking for a quick manipulation to feel better. Her work goes deeper than that.

She may help you feel better quickly, but she doesn’t stop at the symptoms you describe. She looks past them to find your innate wellness. There may be blockages in the way, and she may expose other complex strains hiding beneath the surface, ones you never knew existed. Some have described it as stepping into the rabbit hole!

That’s why her work is so powerful. Lucy uses her hands to really listen to your body. It’s a profound experience. You will achieve a deep insight into your health, but it may not be an insight that you can explain logically. You will find yourself moving through the world in a whole new way.

Clients have said:

  • I have been surprised and thrilled that, after many years of feeling maybe 70% every day, I feel I’m back to 100% – and sometimes even more.
  • When Lucy puts her hands on you, she helps you tap into your natural state. Healing occurs. It is pretty amazing to feel the process.

Lucy has studied and practiced for many years to be able to achieve this. She has

  • A four-year, post-graduate degree in Osteopathy from the British School of Osteopathy
  • A diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
  • Experience teaching craniosacral therapy
  • Taught yoga for over ten years

A session with Lucy will take you beyond your normal experience of treatment.