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What Is
Natural Movement?

Natural Movement reconnects you to your innate ability to be strong, flexible and deeply healthy.

Natural Movement is a study of practical, real-world movement. It is a rehabilitation, fitness and lifestyle program grounded in the knowledge that healthy movement gets to the root of our problems. It will change how you move—and more. See inside the Intrinsi Natural Movement Centre and try this short warm up sequence to feel the benefits of natural movement.  
Our movement patterns tend


Liz Forseth

I am almost 72 years old, and have always been very active. I found that I had recently lost a lot of strength, flexibility and ease of movement. I joined Intrinsi’s Natural Movement Fitness Centre because it seemed to offer what I needed, and indeed it did. In a very short time, doing only two sessions per week, with some work on my own, I found that my strength had increased noticeably, and my flexibility is vastly better. We go through movements in class to help in day to day activities

5 Simple Exercises To Make You Strong In Mind And Body

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