Class Type: Explore Level


Who comes to Explore classes?

Participants tend to be people who…

  • If they attended a Foundation class, have not yet mastered the basics of Natural Movement, but are well on their way
  • Are still working through old restrictions from poor posture or past injuries
  • Do not feel broken and want to avoid getting broken
  • Are able to try more advanced movement because their increased strength and flexibility reduces the risk of injury
  • Are in their late thirties or forties, or their early fifties
  • Have become stressed, a little overweight, a little unfit but can still exert themselves, for example, on a hike over the weekend

What can you expect from these classes?

  • Highly experienced coaches
  • A safe environment for trying new movements, while still integrating foundational movements
  • The chance to re-learn movement that we typically do poorly: lifting, carrying, jumping
  • A gentle workout and mindful full-body movement—almost like brain gym
  • A solid foundation on which to build any other physical skill
  • Increased confidence in using these movements outside of class with good form and without risk of injury