Class Type: Foundation Level

Who comes to Foundation classes?

Participants tend to be people who…

  • Haven’t done this kind of natural movement in many years
  • Have been sitting too much, not moving enough
  • Feel a little broken or tentative
  • Need guidance and support to regain confidence
  • Want to move and exercise without fear of injury, and may need rehabilitative support
  • Know that you need help when it comes to exercise

What can you expect from these classes?

  • A small groups
  • Highly experienced coaches
  • An introduction to natural, developmental movements
  • Accommodations to make any movement match your fitness level
  • Support as you make the transition from initial awkwardness to greater confidence and mobility
  • Our active encouragement of your commitment to change
  • Noticeable progress in a surprisingly short time: greater balance, a stronger core, greater ease