Class Type: Level 1

Who comes to Level 1 classes?

Participants tend to be people who . . .

  • Are comfortable with and have embodied the basic movements: crawling, jumping, hanging, lifting, carrying
  • Have good form in those movements
  • Want to test themselves: Can I not just crawl, but crawl with good form for two minutes? Can I not just hang, but take my index finger off while hanging, and still hold it for 60 seconds?
  • Have the body awareness and experience necessary to handle demanding movements
  • Need more stability and control
  • Are consciously competent

What can you expect from these classes?

  • Classes both indoors and outdoors depending on weather and the skills being learned
  • Structure, guidance and support from the coach
  • A good workout
  • The chance to cement the core movements from the Foundation and Explore classes
  • Practice with the full range of human movement, which will lead to increased physical competence in all activities
  • Greater challenge because we add complexity, weight and endurance to the basic movements