Class Type: Level 2

Who comes to Level 2 classes?

Participants tend to be people who…

  • Are extremely physically competent
  • Have confidence in their physical competence
  • Are ready to push their limits
  • Want to explore their body’s capabilities at a very high level
  • Want to become physically robust
  • Want a high level coach to progress you to the next level, to encourage you to try things you’ve never done before, to show you new movements that are more complex and different from what you’ve done before
  • Are unconsciously competent

What can you expect from these classes?

  • Classes both indoors and outdoors depending on weather and the skills being learned
  • A watchful coach who can challenge you and show you new things
  • Exploratory, more challenging, and more complex movements
  • A high-intensity workout, and lots of fun
  • Sore muscles, and calloused hands from hanging
  • An increased risk of injury because you are asking more of your body: you will be training like a Navy SEAL
  • Increased competence and agility in all physical activities