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Nathan Bodewitz,

NATHAN PICNate is a strength coach and Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching Practitioner.

He discovered his love for movement as a young athlete growing up in the mountains of northern BC. His pursuit of coaching intensified when he was exposed to high performance coaching modalities during his time at the University of Calgary as a varsity wrestler and Kinesiology student. Since then, Nate has dedicated his life to help others achieve, and exceed, their fitness and lifestyle goals through his creative, purposeful, and compassionate coaching style.

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Jill Cucheron,

Natural Movement Coach

JillGrowing up in Northern Manitoba Jill never went to the gym or got involved in organized sports but always engaged in free outdoor play – even as an adult.  So she reconnected with her wild side and adopted a more evolutionary natural way of moving and living. Now she finds value in sharing her knowledge by helping people move well, hurt less and live more.

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Anna Aylwin,

Natural Movement Coach

ANNA PICAnna joins Intrinsi with a lifelong love of sport, 18 years as a personal trainer and strength coach. She has been involved with Intrinsi for over 8 years both personally and professionally. She is the head strength and conditioning coach for the Canadian national biathlon teams, cross country and para nordic teams, and focuses on developing optimal movement quality at all athletic levels. 
Anna started looking for something more from exercise after discovering that a post-baby (and post-35 year-old!) body requires a different approach to wellness. She decided to turn towards a more natural approach to movement. Anna is bringing it back to the ground with MovNat and other similar modalities, in turn she has seen progress and refreshed both her own movement ability as well as her outlook on training for sport, health and general well being.
BSc Sport Science
MSc Exercise Physiology (thesis on maximal strength training for endurance athletes)
NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS)
CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist
PICP level 1/2
IOC Diploma for Sport Nutrition


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Amber Kyliuk,

Natural Movement Coach

IMG_7341 (1)Amber began her journey into bodywork during her time at the University of Winnipeg while completing her Bachelor of Kinesiology in the 90’s. There along with anatomy, biomechanics and athletic therapy she also learned about voice & diction and was introduced to the Feldenkrais Method through her Dad.

After moving to Calgary in 1997 and pursuing the career of a Fitness Trainer she was introduced to Yoga and the practice of Ashtanga Yoga through Mary-Jo Fetterly and Rockne White.

 Many years of Ashtanga practice and teaching as well as taking up Skeleton racing at the National Development level for 2 years, she was offered an opportunity to take over a yoga studio in South Calgary. With this change she was also introduced to the practice of Iyengar Yoga through Norman Sjoman, and through him was introduced to Gert van Leeuwen and the practice of Critical Alignment Therapy.

Since taking that initial intensive weekend in 2006, she has been integrating and moving fully into the Critical Alignment practice. Having recieved her Critical Alignment Therapy Certification in 2008 she has been introducing it in classes, workshops and teacher trainings.

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Dejuan Peart,

Natural Movement Coach

Dejuan embarked on his fitness journey over 15 years ago as an avid participant of various competitive sports. Throughout high school, Dejuan’s primary focus was on basketball; however, it was during this time that he fell in love with the benefits of strength training. Dejuan’s hard work and enthusiasm did not go unnoticed. Quickly he realized his newfound passion of sharing his knowledge and fascination with movement with others.

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Christina Tangermann,

Natural Movement Coach

nmcstaff-christinaOver 6 years ago Christina started pursuing her passion for fitness as a career, after surpassing her own weight loss goals and overhauling her lifestyle.  She has a devotion to her clientele to ensure they reach all of their health, lifestyle and fitness goals. She has worked with a wide variety of clients who’ve needed help with weight loss, rehabilitation and high level athletic performance. She absolutely loves sharing her knowledge with her clients and watching them excel.

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Edward Paget,

Osteopathic Therapist and Natural Movement Coach

Ed Paget is an Osteopathic Therapist, writer, presenter, and director of Intrinsi.

After 11 years dedicated to working with amazing clients and guiding them to achieve remarkable success, his mission remains the same; he wants to help you find the root cause of your pain and work together on a sensible, rational strategy to get you back to who you want to be.

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