Osteopathic Therapist

Associate Osteopathic Therapist Position:

Osteo Hiring ImageWe are looking for an osteopathic manual therapist who has a passion for movement, nature, nutrition and therapy to join our team.

As our clinic has grown we’ve worked to keep our standards high by hiring great people and continuing our professional education and training as a team through weekly team meetings. We have high environmental standards for our clinic because we feel that a place of healing should be healthy to walk into.

You will have a busy client list from the start of your work experience. You will be treating approximately 30 – 35 clients per week and working 5 days per week.

In addition to great clinical skills you should have excellent communication skills. You should be competent in at least one of the following areas: writing articles, delivering presentations to team members; delivering presentations to the public.

At our clinic we offer a mentoring program that incorporates 4 categories:

  • Clinical Therapy Skills
  • Nature
  • Nutrition
  • Natural Movement Fitness

You would be a great fit if you are keen to have a busy and stable job and are passionate about your own personal and professional growth. You should enjoy being part of a team and be keen to participate in the growth of our eco friendly, community minded clinic.

Employment details:

You will be an employee or contractor of Intrinsi.
If you are a full time employee your salary will be $55,000 per annum plus commission (depending on experience).  As a contractor you would receive a percentage.

Benefits for full time employees:
-Payment of your professional liability insurance
-Payment of yearly membership fees to the AAOMT
-Health spending account that can be spent as you see fit on dental, medical or alternative therapies.
-Paid Sick Days
-Paid Vacation
-Paid Statutory Holidays
-20 Hours Paid Volunteering
– Monthly Osteopathic Treatments
– In house continued education
– Sponsorship to be come a permanent resident of Canada


We are looking for a minimum  of a 2 year commitment.


You should have a masters or bachelors in osteopathy. If you have a diploma you must have completed a minimum of a 5 year part time or 4 year full time course.


Ideally you should have 1-3 years of  professional experience. We are willing to consider new graduates if you have excellent references and the required education.

Anticipated Start Date:


Canadian Immigration:

On your cover letter or video please indicated if you are a Canadian Citizen or have permanent resident status in Canada.  If you are outside of Canada you will need to find your own work visa.

How to Apply:

Please email our hiring director, Jon Gabbai, with a  cover letter (that reflects your experience and personality) and CV/Resume (please include both or we will not consider your application).
We are a tech and social media savvy clinic and would also appreciate links to any blogs, articles, videos or websites you have created
Send to : jon@intrinsi.ca