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Antoine Michel,

Osteopathic Therapist

MEDICAL SPECIALTY: Craniosacral Therapy, Babies, Pregnancy, Cranial Issue, Neuro-physiological approach

IMG-20170424-WA0002 (1)Antoine’s approach to treating people with osteopathy is very gentle. When you are treated by Antoine he will begin by using his hands along with his deep understanding of the body to reduce your pain.  His treatments will then focus on your nervous system and other deeper systems including the hormonal cranial and lymphatic systems.  Antoine believes the best ingredients to get you feeling fantastic are a deep understanding of anatomy, movement and space for the body to heal.

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Gabe Linger

Gabriel Linger,

Osteopathic Therapist

MEDICAL SPECIALTY: Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation

Gabe LingerGabe believes that to live life to the fullest we have to move well, with confidence and be pain free.  His commitment to you, as his patient, is to help you find the origin of your pain and remove it.  He does this by combining both movement therapy and osteopathic therapy.

Whilst practicing in Australia he became known amongst his peers for his uncanny ability to help people with ankle, knee, neck and back pain. He has enjoyed working with elite athletes from the Australian Football League, but what he finds most fulfilling is helping everyday people with nagging injuries to become pain free and educating them so that they can then learn to prevent the pain from returning.

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Isaac Lynn

Isaac Lynn,

Osteopathic Therapist

MEDICAL SPECIALTY: Neck, Shoulder and Hip Issues

Isaac LynnIsaac’s passion is to help you find the root causes of pain rather than simply chasing symptoms.You can expect a firm, structural treatment approach from Isaac including joint and soft tissue mobilizations, targeted rehabilitation advice and movement assessment.
When you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, it is common to arrive at a ‘breaking point’ in a muscle or joint from long term irritation to the area. Isaac looks both locally and globally to find where the source of problem begins, providing you initial relief, but also long term prevention strategies.

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Marc Jones,

Osteopathic Therapist

MEDICAL SPECIALTY: maintaining and improving everyday functional musculoskeletal health, acute & sports injuries, ageing and arthritic-based pain, problem-solving chronic and functional disorders.

marcjonesMarc has been in osteopathic practice for over twenty years having graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1995 and is now also studying for a Master’s degree in Functional Musculoskeletal Health.  He has previously practiced in the UK as well as in both Montreal and Vancouver and in the latter case was a founding director of the society Osteopathy BC.

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francine Tseng

Francine Tseng,

Osteopathic Therapist

MEDICAL SPECIALTY: Musculo-skeltal, Visceral and Crainio and T.M.J.

francineFrancine is a second generation osteopathic therapist whose career choice was inspired by her father.  He was an orthopedic surgeon who changed his career to become an Osteopath and currently practices in Hong Kong.  Francine is a soft spoken, thoughtful, and empathetic osteopathic therapist, who cares deeply about her clients.

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Edward Paget,

Osteopathic Therapist and Natural Movement Coach

MEDICAL SPECIALTY: Sports Injuries, Performance Therapy, Somatics, Foot and Ankle Problems

Ed Paget is an Osteopathic Therapist, writer, presenter, and director of Intrinsi.

After 11 years dedicated to working with amazing clients and guiding them to achieve remarkable success, his mission remains the same; he wants to help you find the root cause of your pain and work together on a sensible, rational strategy to get you back to who you want to be.

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Lucy Paget,

Osteopathic Therapist

MEDICAL SPECIALTY: Craniosacral Therapy and Babies

lucyLucy’s true passion is to help you feel a sense of harmony and ease in the world – and her extensive skill and training enable her to do just that.

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