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Intrinsi is more than just a rehabilitation facility. Our clinic brings together a diverse team of osteopaths, physiotherapists and massage therapists who work together in a model of care that centers our focus on you, our clients.

We provide one-on-one sessions, which means our therapists serve only you for your appointment time. We want to ensure you get the most out of your time with us and we take the time to help you understand our clinical reasoning for treatments and the home exercises we prescribe.

We do not follow a rigid structure! Assessment and treatment intertwine. If your therapist believes you would benefit more from the particular treatment style of another therapist, they will team up to ensure you are receive the most effective treatment.

What others have said!

  • Tiffany provided excellent treatment for a recent neck injury I sustained. The exercises she had me do at home combined with the treatments she did at the clinic had me feeling great after only 2 appointments! Very Satisfied!

    Daniel W.
  • I saw Spencer for a running assessment and it was an excellent experience. Spencer gave me some great tips and feedback, which turned me into a better and faster runner. Would highly recommend!

    Eric H.
  • A. Mazing! These guys give a better treatment better than any I’ve had in Canada. The osteopaths here are from Australia and the UK where the teaching standards are way higher. Excellent whoever you see.

    Thomas G.
  • I saw Carissa for a massage and would highly recommend her. I felt very relaxed both during and after the massage!

    Kate M.
  • I really appreciate the level of care these therapists give. The front end staff is great to deal with as well. I have had both physiotherapy and Osteopathic at Intrinsi and was very happy with both. Personally I would highly recommend Claire for Physio, she is kind, authentic and very knowledgeable in her field. Antoine is a very knowledgeable and effective Osteopath.

    Vicki C.
  • Jo was very informative and is definitely an expert in the field. I highly recommend her. Thanks again Jo!

    Loi D.

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