Our Clinic

We are not just another clinic offering the same services, with an outlook, or solutions for your health concerns that you have heard before. At Intrinsi, the services that we offer and our treatment approach go beyond getting you pain-free. To just name a few, our services include women’s health, bike fitting, running assessments, chiropractor and osteopathy. Our experienced practitioners have taken their education and training beyond the norm to give you the next level of care that you deserve.

Welcome to intrinsi. Don’t just live, thrive.


To help our clients go further in their life, to not settle, and to thrive at whatever it is they are passionate about doing.


To become the go-to clinic to get treated by exceptional practitioners.

Core values

Trend Setters–We model our values and pave the way for others to be great. We encourage clinical Growth and learning.
Unique–We offer a unique approach to wellness.
Patient-Centred–We provide a patient-centred, bio-psycho-social model of care.
Community–We support the local community and increase awareness for social justice issues. We all contribute to an environment that we are proud to work in.

A Collaborative Team
Unlike Any Other

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose this Clinic

  • We go beyond the pain and discomfort.
  • We focus everything we do on the patient’s goal
  • We are a collaborative clinic with osteo, physio, chiro, and massage under one roof
  • Our experienced practitioners have advanced training and education
  • We offer specialized services
  • We offer direct billing

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Patient Testimonials

I had a bike fit with Spencer and it was unreal! Best for by far that I’ve had in years. Spencer’s knowledge from both his cycling background as well as... read more

Ryan Kalmanovitch Avatar Ryan Kalmanovitch

Having my bike fit was a productive experience. It was great to immediately see the results of changes to my position, and to be confident that I am now riding... read more

Scott Carlson Avatar Scott Carlson

I just completed a bike fit with Jon. Jon was very knowledgeable, patient, and good at explaining what was what. The method/technology he used to do the fit was cool.... read more

Andy Man Avatar Andy Man

I visited Intrinsi because I was suffering from increasing foot & heel pain while running. I highly recommend Intrinsi! For my first few visits, Twyla's excellent massage therapy... read more

Mathieu Fenniak Avatar Mathieu Fenniak

Spencer has provided excellent bike fitting advice over multiple appointments. He's adjusted my bike to align with my progression as a rider, and is a wealth of knowledge when it... read more

Mike Henry Avatar Mike Henry

The therapists at Intrinsi truly listen and care. They aim to give you the tools and skills to get back out and moving even better than before. I injured my... read more

Sara Bacsalmasi Pettigrew Avatar Sara Bacsalmasi Pettigrew
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