Professional Bike Fitting in Calgary

There’s a difference between pushing your limits on your bike and feeling the pain of injury. Unlike almost any other sport, a professional bike fitter can help you improve your cycling technique and position to avoid injury and improve performance in a single session.

Intrinsi is partnered with The Bike Shop in downtown Calgary. We use Retül, the most advanced bike fitting and product matching technology on the market. Your bicycle fitting begins with a physical assessment to determine any existing physical limitations and previous injuries. After discussing your goals for cycling, the Vantage Motion Capture System collects real-time, dynamic, 3D data from your pedal stroke. The combination of high quality objective fitting data, our physiotherapists knowledge of the body, and your feedback throughout allows us to be as accurate and specific as possible. Everyone’s body is unique and there is no formula or set of numbers that will determine your perfect fit.

Extra bonus: A professional bicycle fitting at our Calgary clinic is also insurance-billable as a physiotherapy service!

Why are Bike Fittings so Effective?

• A cycling position is constant and repetitive
• Biomechanics can be quickly manually adjusted
• Availability of high-quality, objective, dynamic, real-time data to work with
• There is a clear association between biomechanics and injury
• Cycling injuries are highly preventable!

You will benefit from a bike fitting if:

• You often feel nagging discomfort in one or both of your knees, hips, back and/or shoulders when you ride
• You feel unsteady and awkward on your bike
• You need to rest frequently or shorten your rides due to pain
• Your hands and/or feet go numb during rides
• You have recently purchased a new bike and want to hit the road, pain-free
• You want to minimize your injury risk and ride to your highest potential

Meet Our Calgary Bike Fitters

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Our Bike Fit Customer Testimonals

As a beginner road cyclist, I was experiencing a lot of knee pain when I moved to clipless pedals. I saw Spencer for a bike fit in June 2018. Not only did Spencer correct by knee issues but also improved my posture on the bike & made me a faster biker. Since my bike fit, I have completed two touring trip to Jasper & Vancouver from Calgary & also spent countless hours on the saddle without any issues at all! My wife also got a bike fit done from Spencer after me & she also can’t recommend him enough. Thanks a lot Spencer & Intrinsi for making us love biking more & more with each passing day ! Cheers!

– Sumit Chawla

Spencer did an amazing job fitting me on the bike. He spent a lot of time going over different stem length and saddle options to get it right. Being a physiotherapist, he has a great understanding of the body and how to fit for proper body alignment and to prevent injuries. I would highly recommend

– Julie Kelly

I’m a competitive road cyclist and was having considerable knee pain which was severely impacting my training. I had an off site bike fit with Spencer and immediately noticed a huge improvement. It’s amazing how such small and subtle changes can make a big impact to overall movement patterns. Spencer’s knowledge of bike related movement issues and his attention to detail are second to none. I highly recommend a fit with Spencer for both experienced racers and beginner cyclists alike. Thank you!

– Meghan Brown


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