Calgary Physiotherapy Bike Fitting

Solve your cycling pain with a professional bike fit that combines the value of our training as physical therapists with the power of Retül’s advanced biometric technology and GebioMized saddle pressure mapping.

Most cycling pain can be solved with a single bike fit.

Cycling discomfort can be alleviated by fixing your bicycle set-up rather than undergoing weeks of rehabilitation.

Even if you have a complex medical history that may contribute to riding discomfort, most if not all of your pain can be treated by adjusting things like seat height, handlebar stem length and distance, swapping out your saddle, and other alterations that position your body optimally.

If your goal is to ride more, improve your strength and performance, and enjoy adventuring with your friends, then you’re in the right place.

We’re leading physiotherapy bike fitters in Western Canada.

Hi! We’re Intrinsi, a physiotherapy clinic based in Calgary, Alberta. In our partnership with The Bike Shop, we offer professional bike fitting at both our downtown and south Bike Shop locations. No one does bike fitting like us, from our extensive medical and bike fit training, to the thousands of bike fits we’ve done over the past 7 years, to the advanced technology we use to do it right the first time.

Professional Physiotherapy Support

As physiotherapists, we are trained to diagnose, treat, and prevent injury. We’ve designed our bike fit process based on robust medical training. First we gather your history and learn more about your goals, before treating your existing discomfort and pain by adjusting your fit. If you experience persisting or new pain on your bike, we adjust as necessary and can switch gears to traditional physiotherapy treatments, which focus on strengthening and treating your body. Whatever you need, we’ll get you there.

Cutting-Edge Retül Technology

3D real-time fit data is an essential component of an accurate bike fit. We are the only professional bike fitters in Western Canada licensed to use the Retül Premium Bike Fit System. This advanced biometric technology allows us to capture, measure, and adjust your fit while you ride. This technology is unsurpassed when it comes to accurately diagnosing and improving your riding experience in real time. As physiotherapists, it also helps us understand which treatment plan is best for you.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom Cycling Foot Orthotics: Unlike non-cycling orthotics, custom cycling orthotics are designed to fit in a cycling shoe and enhance power transfer. Retül custom-made foot beds are a quick way to improve comfort and performance when you ride. They also treat foot numbness, hot spots, and particular kinds of knee pain.

GebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping Technology

Real-time saddle pressure mapping shows us exactly where you are absorbing the pressure on your seat. Our pressure mats are a great way to show you the change that our fits can have on the pressure you are feeling from the bike. Whether it’s numbness, chafing or pain, we’ll see on it the screen and can tackle these in real time with our adjustments. Trusted by the best in the world, we bring this awesome technology to our physiotherapy bike fits.

Book the Right Bike Fit For You.

The Complete Bike Fit – $430

This is our most popular fit, designed for road cyclists who use cleats. If you ride with flat pedals, but know you have more complex medical issues that may need to be addressed, this is also the right fit for you.

The Basic Bike Fit – $260

Our basic fit is shorter than the complete fit, designed for cyclists who ride with flat pedals. It’s also perfect for people who want to fit their mountain bike (whether they use cleats or flat pedals).

Frame Sizing – $250

Are you shopping for a new bike? Just like clothes, not all bikes fit the same between brands. In this fit, you get to hop on our Retül Muve Fit Bike, which can be adjusted to emulate any brand and size. We’ll learn which brand and size works best for your body so you can be assured you’re investing in the right bike.

Follow-Up Bike Fit – $175

This is a short fit designed to re-adjust bikes we have fitted within the last two years. If you’ve brought your bike to us within that time frame and things have changed, a follow-up will allow us to make fine-tune adjustments.

Our Physiotherapy Bike Fitters

Spencer Pootz

Spencer is one of Calgary’s longest serving bike fitters. He has been bike fitting for over 10 years and has several thousand bike fits under his belt from absolute beginners to professional cyclists and olympians. He’s taken a multitude of bike fit training courses over the years and whatever your issue, he’s probably seen it before.

A former varsity competitive runner, Spencer races Cat 3 in road racing and Expert level in cyclocross and mountain biking. He is an all-season bike commuter and a regular 70.3 triathlete. He also cycle toured across Canada and completed multi-week tours in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Arizona. He loves all things bikes and is always keen to share and learn anything he can about them.

Jon Gabbai

Jon is a physiotherapist and Retül-certified bike fitter. He trained as a physiotherapist in Manchester, UK over 15 years ago. He has vast experience working in physiotherapy, including in professional sports for Manchester City Football Club, Bora Cycling, and Triathlon Canada. Jon loves triathlon and has been a keen supporter of local and international partners in the sport. As a physiotherapist and bike fitter, Jon has worked with some of the best in the industry, including a former 5th in the world at under 23 level and one of the few men to break the 8-hour Ironman record. Jon truly enjoys working with anyone, from those brand new to cycling, to folks who are getting into triathlon all the way to athletes aiming to achieve personal bests in races!

Mark Van Thournout

Mark is a physiotherapist and bike fitter. He is passionate about everything to do with endurance sports – whether it’s swimming, cycling, or running, Mark loves to help people perform at their best. As a four-time Ironman and five time marathon finisher, Mark’s background in racing helps him to understand the complexities around long-distance events. Physiotherapy is Mark’s second career – after spending time working on a trading floor in downtown Calgary, he discovered physio after running his way into multiple injuries and witnessing the benefits of seeing a professional first-hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our bike fits are insurance-billable with most insurance companies. To learn whether your insurance company covers bike fits, call our Intrinsi Clinic at 403-229-9214 or email us at and we’ll help you out.

Please bring only one bike to your fit. We focus on perfecting your fit on your bike, and will provide measurements and advice for you to use to adjust other bicycles to match. We’d recommend a separate bike fit appointment for an additional bike.

Absolutely. If you have any questions, please call our Intrinsi Clinic at 403-229-9214 or email us at and we’ll help you out.

A fit is typically recommended for any new bike. However, we can be more accurate during the fit process if you have ridden the bike a few times and have a sense of what’s working and what’s not. Generally, we recommend 2-3 rides on a new bike before an in-depth fitting.

Our fitters can help you select appropriate equipment from The Bike Shop inventory. That said, it is a more efficient use of your fit time if you purchase these items in advance with advice from retail staff.

Our fits happen at The Bike Shop, which has a downtown and south location fit room:

Book a 15 min Complimentary
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Does bike fitting work?

As a beginner road cyclist, I was experiencing a lot of knee pain when I moved to clipless pedals. I saw Spencer for a bike fit in June 2018. Not only did Spencer correct by knee issues but also improved my posture on the bike & made me a faster biker. Since my bike fit, I have completed two touring trip to Jasper & Vncouver from Calgary & also spent countless hours on the saddle without any issues at all! My wife also got a bike fit done from Spencer after me & she also can’t recommend him enough. Thanks a lot Spencer & Intrinsi for making us love biking more & more with each passing day ! Cheers! – Sumit Chawla

Spencer did an amazing job fitting me on the bike. He spent a lot of time going over different stem length and saddle options to get it right. Being a physiotherapist, he has a great understanding of the body and how to fit for proper body alignment and to prevent injuries. I would highly recommend – Julie Kelly

I’m a competitive road cyclist and was having considerable knee pain which was severely impacting my training. I had an off site bike fit with Spencer and immediately noticed a huge improvement. It’s amazing how such small and subtle changes can make a big impact to overall movement patterns. Spencer’s knowledge of bike related movement issues and his attention to detail are second to none. I highly recommend a fit with Spencer for both experienced racers and beginner cyclists alike. Thank you! – Meghan Brown

Patient Testimonials

I had a bike fit with Spencer and it was unreal! Best for by far that I’ve had in years. Spencer’s knowledge from both his cycling background as well as... read more

Ryan Kalmanovitch Avatar Ryan Kalmanovitch

Having my bike fit was a productive experience. It was great to immediately see the results of changes to my position, and to be confident that I am now riding... read more

Scott Carlson Avatar Scott Carlson

I just completed a bike fit with Jon. Jon was very knowledgeable, patient, and good at explaining what was what. The method/technology he used to do the fit was cool.... read more

Andy Man Avatar Andy Man

I visited Intrinsi because I was suffering from increasing foot & heel pain while running. I highly recommend Intrinsi! For my first few visits, Twyla's excellent massage therapy... read more

Mathieu Fenniak Avatar Mathieu Fenniak

Spencer has provided excellent bike fitting advice over multiple appointments. He's adjusted my bike to align with my progression as a rider, and is a wealth of knowledge when it... read more

Mike Henry Avatar Mike Henry

The therapists at Intrinsi truly listen and care. They aim to give you the tools and skills to get back out and moving even better than before. I injured my... read more

Sara Bacsalmasi Pettigrew Avatar Sara Bacsalmasi Pettigrew


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