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At Intrinsi, we’re proud to offer insurance-billable bike fitting done by experienced physiotherapists in Calgary!

We are the only Retül certified bike-fitting clinic in Western Canada, combining advanced biometric technology and traditional physiotherapy to improve performance and comfort. Our bike fitters in Calgary are also avid bicyclists like you. This allows us to combine our medical training with the biomechanical knowledge of cycling habits so you get the best care possible.

We’ve partnered with The Bike Shop to offer physiotherapy-led bike fitting services, too! We’re proud to work with other small businesses in our community. Book with us today to perfect your bike fit for performance, comfort, and injury prevention!

The Tech

“The most advanced technology available for improving comfort, reducing injury, and increasing performance.”

Retül Premium Bike Fit System: A real-time 3D motion capture system that measures and records biomechanical data while you ride. 3D real-time fit data is an essential component of an accurate bike saddle fitting in CalgaryWe are the only Professional Bike Fitters in Western Canada offering this service. Custom Cycling Foot Orthotics: Retul custom made foot beds to go in your bike shoes! Improves comfort and performance to cap off the fit process.

Custom Footbeds: Specialized Body Geometry custom molded footbeds to align power and comfort. Racing quality insoles designed to customize the fit of your cycling shoe to the specific shape, mechanics, and needs of your foot.  Unlike other non-cycling orthotics, they are designed to fit in a cycling shoe properly and enhance power transfer. Ideal for foot numbness, hot spots, and often resolving knee pain.

GebioMized: Cutting-edge saddle and foot force mapping tool that illustrates pressure and movement on the saddle while riding to improve the accuracy of saddle selection. Essential information for a bike fitter to objectively assess saddle fit.

Specialized Body Geometry: Physical assessment and fit process supported by a range of fit-conscious bike fitting products through Specialized.

The Fitters

Our fitters are physiotherapists trained in Retül technology, specializing in treating cyclists, triathletes, and runners both in the clinic and fitness studio. We provide the missing link between the biomechanical knowledge of a fitter and the medical knowledge of a physiotherapist.


Spencer earned his Bachelors of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary and his Masters in Physiotherapy from the University of Alberta. He has been bike fitting for over 10 years, and involved in cycling as he developed his education and physiotherapy career. A former varsity competitive runner, he races Cat 3 in road racing and Expert level in cyclocross. More frequently, he is an all-season commuter, weekend warrior on the mountain bike, and 70.3 triathlete. He has cycle toured across Canada and completed multi-week tours in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Arizona. As a physiotherapist and bike fitter, Spencer has worked with thousands of cyclists, ranging from commuters and recreational bike path cyclists to professional road racing cyclists and triathletes.


Jon trained as a physiotherapist in Manchester, UK over 15 years ago. He has vast experience working in physiotherapy, including in professional sports for Manchester City Football Club, Bora Cycling, and Triathlon Canada. Jon loves triathlon and has been a keen supporter of local and international partners in the sport. As a physiotherapist and bike fitter, Jon has worked with some of the best in the industry, including a former 5th in the world at under 23 level and one of the few men to break the 8-hour Ironman record. Jon truly enjoys working with anyone, from those that are brand new to cycling, to folks that are getting into triathlon all the way to athletes aiming to achieve personal bests in races!
Spencer and Jon are all Retül certified bike fitters, with various other accolades to their names from the International School of Bike Fitting. We believe that everyone should feel comfortable on their bike, whether for cruising in the city, achieving a bucket list race, or aiming to slash a personal best!


Mark is passionate about everything to do with endurance sports – whether it’s swimming, cycling, or running, Mark loves to help people perform at their best. As a four-time Ironman and five time marathon finisher, Mark’s background in racing helps him to understand the complexities around long-distance events. Physiotherapy is Mark’s second career – after spending time working on a trading floor in downtown Calgary, he discovered physio after running his way into multiple injuries and witnessing the benefits of seeing a professional first-hand.
His approach to treatment primarily consists of exercise mixed with hands-on techniques like manual therapy or dry needling as appropriate. Education is a cornerstone of his practice, and he wants every person to walk away from a session understanding exactly what the issue is, how to treat it, and what the timeline for recovery looks like. He strives to centre his sessions around each person’s goals, helping them work towards goals that are meaningful to them.

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The Fitting Services

All our physiotherapy bike fitting sessions start with an assessment which helps our team critically evaluate and diagnose areas that can be optimized to help improve your comfort level and reduce the risk of injury. Our sessions also include education, advice, and exercises to help you sustain the benefits of an ergonomic setup on the bike which better supports you hitting your fitness goals.

Basic Fit – $250 – 75 mins

This fit focuses on saddle and handlebar height and positioning. Appropriate for commuters, casual riders, and cyclists not using clip-in pedals. This service is also appropriate for beginner or intermediate mountain bikers with or without clips. Not appropriate for triathlon aero bar bikes.
Only one bike can be fit during a basic fit.

Complete Fit – $425 – 2.5 hours

The Complete Fit is our most popular fit. It’s a comprehensive bike fit assessing every aspect, including cleat positioning, saddle selection, saddle and handlebar positioning, and factors such as bike handling, aerodynamics, and medical considerations as appropriate. Appropriate for cyclists with clip-in pedals, performance goals, injury considerations, and high mileage training. This session includes a fit report so that you can apply your measurements to other bicycles and physiotherapy recommendations and treatment plans as required.

Frame Sizing – $225 – 90 mins

A fit session focused on ensuring your purchase of an appropriately sized bicycle. Try up to 5 different bicycles of almost any brand and size on our Retül Müve bike. The Muve bike can be configured to most bicycle geometries and will allow you and your fitter to select the ideal size of a given bicycle depending on your preferences and goals.  You will leave the appointment with size and brand recommendations, and fit measurements to let you or a bicycle store set up a bike accordingly. Useful for purchasing new bicycles and ensuring test rides are performed with a correct fit which can otherwise be a massive source of error when purchasing.

Follow-up fit – $175 – 60 mins

A bike fit for clients with a previous Intrinsi & The Bike Shop fit. Bike fits can be a dynamic process, and the ideal fit can change with time. For a new or different bike, we recommend a Basic or Complete fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring Multiple Bikes in For Fitting?

For triathlon and time trial bikes which require a more detailed process, please bring only one bike to your fit. For complete fits for other bikes (road, mountain, cyclocross, endurance, hybrid) you are able to bring a second bike for an additional $100 charge. We generally prefer one bike to ensure that we have ample time to get the perfect fit but leave it to our riders discretion. Bringing more than one bike will necessarily decrease the time spent on each fitting. You will be provided with fit measurements after the fit to apply to other bicycles as desired.

For a basic fit, there is only enough time for one bike.

Is There a Discount for Fitting Multiple Bikes?

We know that many on two wheels believe in the ‘N plus 1’ rule. Talk to us about multiple bike packages!

What Should I Bring to My First Bike Fitting?

Bring your bicycle, shoes & pedals, a water bottle, and your riding clothing. Tighter fitting is preferred to assist with camera biomechanical measurements. If you have other saddles, stem, handlebars, etc., that you are considering, bring them. Bring any extra headset or aero bars, spacers, or components if applicable.

Is Bike Fitting Insurance Billable?

The session is eligible for insurance billing as a traditional physiotherapy assessment and treatment. Our receipts will include the practitioner’s license number, which you will need to submit your claim. We recommend contacting your insurance plan provider to learn what amount will be covered under your specific plan.

Where Does the Fitting Take Place?

The bike fitting session will take place in the fit studio upstairs at the central Bike Shop location at 801 11 ave SW.

Can I Get Shoes, Pedals, Cleats, etc., During the Fit Session?

Our fitters can help you select appropriate equipment from The Bike Shop inventory. It is a more efficient use of your fit time if you purchase these items in advance with advice from retail staff.

Which Type of Fit Am I Looking for?

If you require more information regarding the descriptions on the website, please contact the Intrinsi reception team at 403-229-9214 or, and they will be happy to assist.

When Is the Best Time to Get a Bike Fitting Assessment?

The spring and early summer get busy with wait times as long as 6-7 weeks. The off-season is better for availability. From a performance perspective, Alberta cyclists generally complete much of their early-season training indoors.  Early season is the best time to make adjustments to prevent issues before they begin, ensure training in an optimal position, and avoid significant fit changes immediately before goal events. Sometimes, good changes to fit result in short term decreases in performance while the body adjusts.

Should I Get a Bike Fit Immediately With the Purchase of a New Bicycle?

A fit is typically recommended for any new bike. However, we can be more accurate during the fit process if you have ridden the bike a few times and have a sense of what’s working and what’s not.  Generally, we recommend 5-10 rides on a new bike before an in-depth fitting, starting with the initial fit (sizing) provided by the bike shop where you purchased your bike. If you have purchased a used bike and are starting without a fit, you can go either way, depending on your confidence in selecting a beginning saddle height.

How Often Should I Get a Bike Fitted?

For regular cyclists, a fit is closer to a haircut than a vasectomy. It’s not uncommon for your ideal fit to change through the cycling season as your flexibility, strength, and control change. Many competitive cyclists receive fit tweaks several times a year as needed or at the beginning of each season.

Our Bike fit Customer Testimonials

As a beginner road cyclist, I was experiencing a lot of knee pain when I moved to clipless pedals. I saw Spencer for a bike fit in June 2018. Not only did Spencer correct by knee issues but also improved my posture on the bike & made me a faster biker. Since my bike fit, I have completed two touring trip to Jasper & Vncouver from Calgary & also spent countless hours on the saddle without any issues at all! My wife also got a bike fit done from Spencer after me & she also can’t recommend him enough. Thanks a lot Spencer & Intrinsi for making us love biking more & more with each passing day ! Cheers! – Sumit Chawla

Spencer did an amazing job fitting me on the bike. He spent a lot of time going over different stem length and saddle options to get it right. Being a physiotherapist, he has a great understanding of the body and how to fit for proper body alignment and to prevent injuries. I would highly recommend – Julie Kelly

I’m a competitive road cyclist and was having considerable knee pain which was severely impacting my training. I had an off site bike fit with Spencer and immediately noticed a huge improvement. It’s amazing how such small and subtle changes can make a big impact to overall movement patterns. Spencer’s knowledge of bike related movement issues and his attention to detail are second to none. I highly recommend a fit with Spencer for both experienced racers and beginner cyclists alike. Thank you! – Meghan Brown

Patient Testimonials

I had a bike fit with Spencer and it was unreal! Best for by far that I’ve had in years. Spencer’s knowledge from both his cycling background as well as... read more

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Having my bike fit was a productive experience. It was great to immediately see the results of changes to my position, and to be confident that I am now riding... read more

Scott Carlson Avatar Scott Carlson

I just completed a bike fit with Jon. Jon was very knowledgeable, patient, and good at explaining what was what. The method/technology he used to do the fit was cool.... read more

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Every time I have had a service there, it has been exceptionally professional. They charge a bit more than average, however, it’s all worth it. I highly suggest all their... read more

Isabelle Larose Avatar Isabelle Larose

Spencer has provided excellent bike fitting advice over multiple appointments. He's adjusted my bike to align with my progression as a rider, and is a wealth of knowledge when it... read more

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