Clinical Pilates

Pilates is a form of fitness that focuses on controlled, mindful movements and breath that require concentration, precision, flow, and centering. Clinical Pilates incorporates the principles of traditional Pilates and adapts the movement practice as part of therapy.

How is Clinical Pilates different from regular Pilates classes?

Clinical Pilates uses Pilates for rehab purposes, gearing controlled movements towards improving your ailment. Where regular Pilates classes focus on general strength, flexibility, and body control, clinical Pilates is a one-on-one opportunity to cater movement to specific areas of weakness or injury. Clinical Pilates allows you to stretch, strengthen, and work parts of the body differently from traditional rehab exercises and often results in better overall strength and balance throughout your body.

Is Clinical Pilates for you?

Clinical Pilates may be a great addition to your treatment plan, depending on what brings you in and your goals. During her physiotherapy assessment with you, Claire will discuss some options if you are interested in pursuing Clinical Pilates with her.

Common injuries and conditions that Clinical Pilates addresses:

• Chronic pain, including chronic pelvic pain, back pain, and hip problem
• Shoulder injury rehab
• Post-whiplash
• Pelvic health conditions like incontinence and prolapse
• Knee injury
• Injury prevention – strengthening core and improving balance
• Postural dysfunction that comes from being a desk worker
• Fine-tuning how the body establishes control through movement

What are some positive results you can expect from Pilates?

•   Improved body control and awareness
•   Developing intentional movement that strengthens and prevents injury
•   Improved core control, mobility, and balance
•   Improved confidence
•   Reduced pain and effective pain management

Meet Our Clinical Pilates Instructor