Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates

Do you want more customized workouts that focus on you and your specific needs? Clinical Pilates offers a way for you to work one-on-one with a trained Pilates instructor. Get the attention you deserve. Book your first session today!


What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of fitness that focuses on controlled and mindful movements, and breathing techniques that require concentration, precision, flow, and centering. Clinical Pilates combines the principles of traditional Pilates, with a narrowed focus on movement practice as part of therapy.

Clinical Pilates is a great way for athletes to enhance their core strength, pre/postpartum mothers to recover from pregnancy or childbirth and for patients of all ages to treat physical injury. At Intrinsi, we run one-on-one sessions to ensure that you are undergoing the right movements to target your injury or issue.

How is Clinical Pilates different from regular Pilates classes?

Clinical Pilates uses Pilates for rehab purposes, gearing controlled movements towards improving your ailment. Whereas regular Pilates classes focus on general strength, flexibility, and body control, clinical Pilates is a one-on-one opportunity to cater movement to specific areas of weakness or injury.

Clinical Pilates allows you to stretch, strengthen, and work parts of the body differently from traditional rehab exercises and often results in better overall strength and balance throughout your body. It can also help prevent you from causing more harm due to injury or your ailment, which may be a higher risk in group or studio Pilates classes.

Is Clinical Pilates Right For You?

Clinical Pilates can be a great addition to your treatment plan, depending on what brings you into our clinic. If you have undergone an injury or are suffering from a condition that has hindered your mobility, Clinical Pilates may be the perfect fitness plan to help you achieve optimal wellness again. Clinical Pilates is also one of the best methods for pre/postpartum women to undergo a safe and effective recovery from bodily changes that occur as a result of pregnancy and/or childbirth. It can help improve core strength and serve as a gentle introduction back into exercise.

Also, as many of our patients find that they benefit from increased physical activity coupled with additional guidance from a licenced professional, Clinical Pilates can be the perfect complement to almost any other treatment plan. It’s safe, effective and suitable for most individuals — no matter your fitness level.

Before pursuing treatment, you will be brought in for an initial appointment to determine the best treatment plan for your needs. During her assessment with you, Claire will discuss some options to see if you are interested in pursuing Clinical Pilates. To decide whether Clinical Pilates is right for you, we suggest evaluating your goals to determine whether it would be a helpful addition to your treatment plan.

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Common Injuries and Conditions That Clinical Pilates Addresses

What can physical Pilates help with? Check out our detailed list below. Can it help you?

  • Chronic pain (including chronic pelvic pain, back pain and hip problems)
  • Shoulder injury rehab
  • Post-whiplash
  • Pelvic health conditions (such as incontinence and prolapse)
  • Pre/postpartum conditions for new mothers (including pelvic floor dysfunction, joint laxity and diastasis recti)
  • Knee injury
  • Injury prevention (including strengthening core and improving balance)
  • Postural dysfunction (caused by prolonged periods of sitting or desk working)
  • Fine-tuning how the body establishes control through movement
  • What are some positive results you can expect from Pilates?
  • Improved body control and awareness
  • Developing intentional movement that strengthens and prevents injury
  • Improved core control, mobility, and balance
  • Improved confidence
  • Reduced pain and effective pain management

Get Your Mobility Back On Track

Mobility can also be a particularly troublesome issue for many Calgary residents after years of playing sports, performing heavy-lifting jobs or being generally active. That is why our Clinical Pilates sessions offer one-on-one treatment that is designed to help you move freely again. After just a few sessions, many of our patients report improvements in their mobility and find that they are able to walk, run, and bend over better than they could before.

Call us today to find out how you can make the most of clinical pilates and take back control of your life. We make your health our priority!

What’s the Difference Between Clinical Pilates and Regular Pilates?

Clinical Pilates uses Pilates for rehab purposes, gearing controlled movements towards improving your condition(s). Whereas regular Pilates focuses on general strength, flexibility and body control, Clinical Pilates is a one-on-one opportunity that caters movement towards specific areas of weakness or injury.

Clinical Pilates also allows you to stretch, strengthen and work parts of your body differently from traditional rehab exercises. This often results in you achieving better overall strength and balance throughout your body.

In addition to improving your strength, posture, balance, mobility, muscle control, and overall stability, Clinical Pilates differs from regular Pilates in several ways. At our Clinical Pilates sessions, Calgary residents can benefit from this technique by targeting areas of weakness and injury and working to rehabilitate these problem areas.

Clinical Pilates is not a one-size-fits-all approach — instead, we tailor the experience to the individual depending on their unique circumstances and ailments. This type of Pilates is truly all about you – the client. Begin your journey toward better health with your initial Clinical Pilates session.

Meet Our Clinical Pilates Instructor

During her career, Claire has worked with a variety of clients experiencing different musculoskeletal concerns. She has treated patients dealing with pain and injury after motor vehicle accidents to those dealing with postural dysfunction and sport-related injuries. Additionally, she has developed a special interest in treating conditions related to pelvic health, including helping pre/postpartum women strengthen and recover muscle groups that are affected by pregnancy and childbirth.


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