Massage Therapy

While many of us seek massage therapy to release tension and slip into relaxation, massage has many added health benefits and serves as a great addition to any treatment plan. Often, massage is a good first step to ease pain and calm your nervous system before seeking more intensive treatment.

Our massage treatments range from relaxation to deep tissue/therapeutic techniques, joint mobilizations, and exercise prescription. Many injuries and chronic illnesses are a sign of long-term stress in your body, and massage therapy can address many of the following issues:

•   Reduce pain and anxiety for people with chronic illnesses
•   Address the physiological burden of stress and calm the mind
•  Treat conditions like stress-related tension, including low back pain
•   Improve fatigue and sleep disorders
•   Reduce the tension in tight muscles after an injury and promote healing
•   Improve repetitive strain and postural issues from work
•   Treat conditions like headaches, tennis elbow, and Plantar Fasciitis.

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