Physical Assessment Golf Screen

A Physical Assessment Golf Screen is an important addition to your team of golf experts as you work to improve your game.

Luke Fernandes’ ultimate love is golf, and he has received extensive training with the Titleist Performance Institute, the world’s premier player development center, who largely make up medical teams that support professional golfers on the PGA and LPGA tour.

His Physical Assessment Golf Screen is a two-step process. First, he analyzes how your body moves functionally and uses video swing analysis to assess your swing. One he identifies your body’s main limitations, he designs a unique treatment and instruction program to help you reach your highest golf potential.

Why do I need a golf instructor and a physical assessment golf screen?

Have you ever received training from a golf pro or instructor to improve your game, but struggle to improve? This is because while their job is to identify problem areas and improve your technique on the course, your body may be limiting your ability to follow through. These days it’s becoming more common to have a team of experts with different skills and focus.

A Physical Assessment Golf Screen compliments what you’re working on with your pro. It helps identify your body’s preferred movement pattern, so you can find your own natural efficiency and work on improving physiological aspects like rotation and strength. It also addresses common aggravations like low back pain, shoulder pain, and elbow and wrist pain that may be inhibiting your game. With a team of experts working together, you will see the biggest amount of improvement.

Working with your body, not against it

How can we improve your strength, accuracy, and efficiency? With a Physical Assessment Golf Screen, it’s all about making reasonable adjustments. If your body naturally moves in a way that’s efficient for you, we will build your golf swing around that, rather than forcing your swing to fit your body in an inefficient manner. It comes down to this: there are an infinite number of ways to swing a golf club, but there is typically one particular pattern that’s efficient for you.




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