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Are you tired of searching for a physiotherapy clinic in Calgary near you? Quit searching! The Intrinsi team includes registered physiotherapists who value delivering the best evidence-based physio treatments to help you manage pain and rehabilitate injuries with non-invasive treatments.

At Intrinsi, we always put our clients first. Get one-on-one treatments for your physiotherapy, where you’ll never feel rushed out the door, or like your therapist is juggling you and other clients during treatments.  

Start feeling better and living a life without pain with physiotherapy near you. Book your appointment with our trusted team today.

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What Is Involved in Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy focuses on the science of movement, helping you restore, maintain, and maximize your strength, function, and overall well-being. 

Physiotherapy’s main goal is to alleviate your current discomfort by getting to the root cause of your injury. Treatments involve increasing your physical strength, mobility, and therapies that help to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. 

Physiotherapists use natural movement and manual therapies to alleviate pain, speed the healing process, and mitigate the risk of future injuries. Most physiotherapy treatment plans involve functional movement training that helps you gain (or regain) your strength, flexibility, and confidence.

Ultimately, we want you to reach your movement goals, and we use clinical and evidence-based treatments and techniques that will help get you there.

Intrinsi is a premier physiotherapy clinic conveniently located in downtown Calgary off 17th Avenue SW.

We have a wide range of convenient appointment times to suit a wide range of busy schedules. We’re happy to take on new clients to help them move better and feel better.

Bike Fitting by a Physiotherapist

We’re proud to offer bike saddle fitting near you at The Bike Shop to help cyclists improve their performance and comfort. 

Our bike fittings are conducted by licensed physiotherapists who combine their knowledge of biomechanics with Retul technology for an accurate assessment, ensuring a perfect bike fit.

Our South West Calgary Physio Clinic

Our therapy experience at Intrinsi is unique to most clinics that offer physiotherapy in Calgary. We know that a common frustration about the movement rehabilitation industry is the impersonal approach to treatment, where therapists often juggle multiple patients to maximize the business. 

Above all else, we put our clients first, which means we ensure that all of our treatments are one-on-one with ample time to answer any questions, demonstrate proper exercises, and discuss any concerns about your recovery. 

Your therapist has more time to become familiar with your condition and complete a thorough assessment.

  • Your therapist has more time to practice functional movement with you and explain what is causing your discomfort. This way, you learn about your condition and how to manage future pain at home.
  • Your overall treatment plan is generally shorter with this approach — we want to see you improve quickly. Our clinic structure isn’t based on return visits. Rather, we’re here to provide you the support you need to ensure long-term health. 
  • The Intrinsic team consists of health care professionals of different disciplines and backgrounds to provide our patients with holistic care to optimize their wellness. We work as a team, and if we feel that you need the expertise of another therapist, we are happy to refer you.


  • Your therapist has more time to become familiar with your condition and complete a thorough assessment.
  • The focus is entirely on you for the duration of your session
  • Your therapist has more time to practice functional movement with you and explain what is causing your discomfort. This way you learn about your condition and how to prevent future pain.
  • Your treatment plan will be shorter– we want to see you improve quickly. Our structure is not based on return visits, but on supporting you with effective treatments and helping improve your health well into the future.
  • Your treatment plan may include co-treatment sessions with other therapists as part of your treatment plan to take advantage of our diverse skill set. We always work as a team and if we feel that you need the expertise of another therapist, we are happy to refer you.

The Difference Between Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, and Chiropractic Care?

Osteopathy, physiotherapy, and chiropractic all share a common goal to help improve mobility, reduce pain, and improve the quality of life using non-invasive treatments. The biggest difference between the three disciplines is in the style of treatment.

Classically, osteopaths look at the body holistically and consider the effects of multiple body systems such as visceral, neurological, and cardiovascular on a particular dysfunction or injury. They often use osteopathic manual treatment to restore function. If you’re looking for osteopathic adjustment near you, we offer osteopathic care at our downtown clinic. 

Physiotherapists are trained to assess function, movement, and mobility to support injury recovery and manage chronic illnesses that affect musculoskeletal function. They emphasize natural movement and support a strong body and active lifestyle, using manual therapy and tools such as dry needling to support these goals.

Chiropractors often use adjustments and manipulations mainly focused on the spine to help relieve pain, increase range of motion, and restore function with special focus on the spine and extremities (bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nervous system). Consider your search for a “chiropractor near me” over. We have a team of skilled chiropractors who can help you live a healthier, pain-free life. 

The skills between these professions overlap significantly. As research and training in these disciplines continue to improve and evolve, the gaps between them decrease! We have a multidisciplinary team at Intrinsi for just this reason – what helps someone else’s body thrive might not be what helps your body thrive, so we use the collaboration of all fields to support you. This multidisciplinary approach is unique to Intrinsi in southwest Calgary.

Your First Appointment

If you have never had a physiotherapy appointment before, you might feel nervous and anxious about it. Nerves are normal. To help ease your nerves before your first visit, we’ve outlined what you can expect. 

At your first appointment, you will be required to fill out new patient paperwork. This paperwork may include questions regarding your previous health history and current health. From there, your physiotherapist will conduct an initial interview.

This interview will involve questions regarding your reasons for coming into our clinic and your goals by doing so. After a quick interview, your physiotherapist will perform a full assessment. Their assessment may include strength tests, range of motion testing, and specialized tests specific to your complaint. Your physiotherapist can make a proper diagnosis and create an appropriate treatment plan unique to you and your situation from this assessment.

Your physiotherapist may also perform some manual therapy techniques at your first appointment if there is enough time. Since your assessment has just taken place, these first treatments will be very gentle. You and your physiotherapist will also discuss your treatment plan and how many sessions they expect to see you. 

For some, it may take only a couple of weeks to see improvements. For others, it could be several months before they make a full recovery. It all depends on you and your health.

Meet Our Physiotherapists

Before coming into our clinic, take the time to get to know our team members. The following offers biographies for each of our physiotherapists.

Choose Intrinsi For All Your Physio Needs

No one should lead a life in pain. The good news? You don’t have to! 

With Intrinsi, you are placing your trust in a team that truly cares about you and your well-being. We aim to help you reach your wellness goals safely and as soon as possible. 

Using the latest scientific-based evidence and techniques, we can serve every client better. You and your health are our ultimate priority. Book your appointment with our experienced team today! Begin your journey toward a pain-free, happier, and healthier life.

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