Our Services

We treat a wide range of clientele across the life spectrum. 

We are comfortable and well trained to treat expectant mothers, newborn babies, children, adults and seniors. We are extremely proud of the diverse team that we have at Intrinsi. As a result, we are able to offer the highest quality of rehabilitation to our clients. Our Services Include:

Our team is trained with providing joint mobilizations that are an effective way to restore the range of motion through a joint. Movement is critical to joint health and our experienced practitioners may use this modality as part of a larger treatment protocol to assist you. 

Our therapists have graduated as Fellows of Applied Functional Science and use the principles of the Grey Institute. Understanding how the body moves through all 3 planes of motion during function, allows them to take advantage of movements you are successful in, to get you into the movements and functions you need to swing a golf club, hike, ski, box or whatever your movement goal may be.

The concept of Cranio-Sacral Therapy has been a part of Osteopathy from the beginning of the last century. It is only in recent years that the two have been separated. It is possible to see a person just trained as a Cranio-Sacral Therapist, but most of our Osteopathic therapists received Cranio-Sacral training during their undergraduate training. With Intrinsi therapists, you know you are getting the best of Osteopathy with the best of Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

Visceral Osteopathy is an expansion of the general principles of osteopathy which includes a special understanding of the organs, blood vessels and nerves of the body (the viscera). Visceral Osteopathy relieves imbalances and restrictions in the interconnections between the motions of all the organs and structures of the body.

In recent years, much research has been done to determine why chronic pain is so difficult to resolve. Because pain is so much more complicated to address than simply stretching and strengthening, we take into account the physical, social and psychological factors that all contribute to the complex experience of pain.

Many individuals with chronic pain lose hope that they can be helped – this is not the case! With research accumulating in this area, we are able to take an evidence-based practice approach to bring control and function back to people living with chronic pain.

IMS is a form of dry needling to treat soft tissues contributing to your symptoms. This helps to relieve the muscle of irritable, pain producing points, thereby helping to restore healthy muscle function.

IMS can be an effective adjunct to therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, and education in the treatment of chronic pain, acute injuries, general rehabilitation and prevention of injury.

Your practitioner will assess you, and discuss whether this may be a beneficial treatment option.

The impact of a motor vehicle accident may result in symptoms such as Whiplash Associated Disorder.

Research shows that gentle, early, active mobilization is helpful in reducing pain and improving function. Physiotherapy will help to guide you through this process, and provide you with the tools and education you need to return to your regular activities and manage pain.

Pelvic Health issues in men and women are very common and may contribute to issues like low back and hip pain. Pelvic floor physiotherapy can help address and prevent all sorts of issues ranging from unresolved low back or hip pain, to prolapse, pelvic pain, incontinence and bladder issues. Pelvic floor physiotherapy is also beneficial during and after pregnancy to ensure your pelvic floor is as healthy as possible.

Your therapist will also address connective tissue, external muscles and joint mobility, and provide you with educational tools to optimize your pelvic floor.

When most people take approximately 150 steps a minute when they run, it is really important to be doing that as efficiently as possible. It is also a lot easier to make changes when you understand them and can see for yourself.

With extensive post-graduate training in running injuries, our team are well equipped to help those wanting to get in to running to those at the highest level.

With our partnership with the Bike Shop, we are proud to be the only Retül certified Physiotherapists integrating bike fitting into physiotherapy sessions. We have several bike fitting options which are insurance billable.

Physical limitations, pain or previous injuries will dictate the movement pattern our body adopts which can lead to inconsistent ball striking and decrease in power and flexibility.

At Intrinsi Golf Performance, we are here to help you and your golf instructor identify your body’s preferred movement pattern ensuring your body is in prime position to deliver the club to the ball in a consistent and pain free way.

Our approach is a two-step process involving an analysis of how your body moves functionally by a physiotherapist, as well as a video swing analysis by a teaching pro. Once we have identified where your body’s limitations are, we connect with each other to form a treatment and instruction program that will help you to reach your highest golf potential.

The inner ear (vestibular system) works with our brain to detect movement, positioning, and maintain our balance.

Vestibular dysfunction can occur for a variety of reasons and significantly impact quality of life. Symptoms of vestibular dysfunction may include vertigo, balance changes, visual disturbances and motion intolerance.

Vestibular Rehabilitation is intended to assess and treat problems associated with the vestibular system.

At Intrinsi, our Massage Therapist fits nicely in to our multi-disciplinary approach to support our Osteopaths and Physiotherapists, by providing soft tissue massage to our clients.

Treatment ranges from relaxation massage to deep tissue/therapeutic techniques, such as cupping.

We are confident in providing massage throughout the spectrum of clients, from pre and post-natal to seniors.

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