Our Services

We treat a wide range of clientele across the life spectrum. 

We are comfortable and well trained to treat expectant mothers, newborn babies, children, adults and seniors. We are extremely proud of the diverse team that we have at Intrinsi. As a result, we are able to offer the highest quality of rehabilitation to our clients. Our Services Include:

Osteopaths draw on current medical and scientific knowledge to diagnose and use osteopathic manipulative treatment to treat areas of strain, stress, and dysfunction that may be hindering normal functions.

Physiotherapy focuses on the science of movement, helping you restore, maintain, and maximize your strength, function, and overall well-being. Physiotherapy can help alleviate and prevent injuries.

Our bodies are all different, so why do we all ride the same bikes? A professional bike fitting can reduce your risk of injury and help maximize your pedal efficiency!

Our massage treatments range from relaxation to deep tissue/therapeutic techniques, joint mobilizations, and exercise prescription. Massage therapy can provide both physical and mental health benefits.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on more than 3500 years of Chinese Medicinal practices that includes Acupuncture, Cupping and Herbal Therapy.
Acupuncture is a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine and involves the insertion of fine needles at strategic points on the body to balance the flow of energy or life force better known as chi or qi (chee).

Pelvic health physical therapy involves the pelvic health muscle group, which is responsible for a variety of functions. These muscles support the pelvic organs, assist in bowel and bladder control, and contribute to reproductive health in men and women.

Clinical Pilates is a one-on-one opportunity to stretch, strengthen, and work parts of the body differently from traditional rehab exercises. It is more individualized than regular Pilates and is specially tailored to help patients recover from pain or injury.

Have you ever received training from a golf pro or instructor to improve your game, but struggle to improve? This is because while their job is to identify problem areas and improve your technique on the course, your body may be limiting your ability to follow through.

Whether you run marathons, run in field sports, or go on the occasional jog, running is hard on your body. Most running injuries are preventable, and a running gait analysis can help identify and mitigate injury risks.

Chiropractors treat and help prevent conditions and disorders related to the back, neck, pelvis, extremity joints and the effect they have on the nervous system.


TMJ is a disorder of the jaw that can make it hard to eat or talk. Just because it can affect multiple areas of life, doesn’t mean it has to. Our Osteopathic therapist can help you manage your TMJ symptoms and live more comfortably.

Visceral-trained osteopaths use hands-on manipulation totreat restrictive patterns in the viscera (organs) that cause pain and dysfunction throughout your body. By addressing the body as a whole, visceral osteopathy aims to alleviate all the symptoms of dysfunction and pain at the root of the cause.

The vestibular system (the inner ear) works with your brain and eyes to detect movement and positioning. When the vestibular system is out of balance, so are you- literally! Vestibular rehab helps address neurological problems including but not limited to concussion symptoms, vertigo, and labyrinthitis.

We provide periodized strength programming for whatever equipment you have available to you, whether you are at home or in a fully equipped gym. Specific to your abilities, goals, and enjoyment.

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