Strength & Conditioning

Why get a Strength and Conditioning Assessment?

  • Whether you are new to the gym, are dealing with a current injury, or are looking to break personal record
  • If you are involved in other sports and looking to improve performance and prevent injuries
  • If you have bone/joint pain, chronic health condition, neurological disorder, or anything else that you need advice on how to safely and effectively strength train

What we offer in Physiotherapist led 1 on 1 session:

  • A full physical assessment by a physiotherapist
  • High-speed video analysis
  • Preventative and corrective exercises
  • Recommendations on changes to your technique
  • Individualised 6-8 week strength programming

No matter where you are in your strength journey you will receive completely personalised advice on how to reach your goals.

If you are new to strength training:

  • Find safe and pain free ways to do typical exercises.
  • Learn technique for pushing, pulling, squats, deadlifts, core, and isolated exercises.
  • How to prevent injuries in and outside the gym.
  • Specific programming for your health needs or goals (with follow up).


If you have been strength training for a few years (intermediate):

  • More advanced techniques to improve performance.
  • 5 rep max testing of “big 3” lifts to track progress.
  • Video feedback.
  • Specific programming for your health needs and goals (with follow up).


If you are a weightlifting athlete or in other sports looking to cross train:

  • Sport specific assessment to screen for injury risk factors.
  • Sport specific programming for performance, prevention, or rehab (with follow up).
  • Injury management planning integrated into your workouts if needed.
  • Identify faults in technique, or muscle imbalance that are resulting in plateau or pain.


If you have goals for an event you are training for, looking to switch it up, or need some guidance on where to start:

  • We provide periodized strength programming for whatever equipment you have available to you, whether you are at home or in a fully equipped gym.
  • Specific to your abilities, goals, and enjoyment.



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