Antoine MichelOsteopathic Therapist

Antoine is a French trained Osteopathic Therapist who received his training in Paris. His training was medically based, allowing him to bring scientific solutions to the Intrinsi team.

Antoine’s approach works to bring relief as early as the first visit. He enjoys explaining his process step by step to educate you during your treatment. Antoine taught anatomy and physiology in France after he graduated from Paris Osteopathic School.

Using a gentle, adaptive, and preventative approach Antoine has a wide panel of techniques that allows him the skills to treat all kinds of patients and complaints. When you
come in for your treatment with Antoine he will be by using a hands on approach partnered with a deep understanding of the human body to reduce your pain. His treatments will then focus on your nervous system along with other body systems including the hormonal, cranial and lymphatic systems. Antoine believes the best ingredients to get you feeling your best are an in depth understanding of anatomy, movement and space for the body to heal.

While Antoine’s unique skill set allow him to treat all kinds of patients with varying conditions, he has had the privilege of being the only osteopath working with a team of pediatricians and gynecologists. Over the 5 years working in this environment he was able to specialize in pre and post-natal care, babies and children. He underwent 3 additional
years of supplementary training to specifically work in the field of pediatrics.

Antoine enjoys the challenge of treating acute and chronic pain because his education gives him a strong, in depth understanding of anatomy and how to find the root cause of your pain and injury. Through his years of training and experience Antoine works to treat your needs with your preferences during your treatment.

Antoine is fully registered with the AAOMT and has:

  • A five year Masters in Osteopathy in Paris, France (DOMP)

  • Extensive experience with craniosacral therapy

  • Specializes in cranial visceral therapy

  • Extensive experience in pediatrics

  • 600 hours training in the surgery field – Observing (Gynecologist Obstetric & Pediatric)