Antoine Rodriguez
Osteopathic Manual Therapist


Antoine graduated from the Collège Ostéopathique Européen in France, 2016. After graduating, he spent five years practicing osteopathy in France before moving to Canada. His experiences led him to work with different types of patients such as infants, pregnant women, athletes, and geriatric patients.


His passion for sports led him to pursue the specific certification required to become a Sports Medicine Osteopath. Through the years, Antoine had the opportunity to work with his local running and soccer clubs in France. During this time, he helped athletes understand the cause of their injuries to provide them with adaptive and efficient osteopathic treatments.


Antoine’s practice of osteopathy is varied and adapted to each patient. His treatments include the use of his skills with deep tissue massage and myotensive, structural, functional/fascial, visceral, and cranial techniques.


Antoine values being healthy and is passionate about using his skills and training to help patients find or return to good health. For him, nutrition, mobility, physical exercise, and life environment are essential to maintain a positive and healthy life. He believes strongly that osteopathy plays an important role in improving or maintaining our overall health.