Ed PagetOsteopathic Manual Therapist

Ed Paget


Ed has spent the last 15 years using osteopathy to help people recover from illness and injury. During this time he has developed a system of unique assessments and treatments that aim to unravel the complex web of compensations that we all have to reveal the underlying cause of illness or injury. This unique approach hasn’t gone unnoticed and Ed was recruited to work with the Canadian National Speed Skating team and was invited to the Sochi Olympics as part of team Canada’s medical contingent. He is currently a consultant to the Calgary Sport Institute and has been asked to share his Fascia stretching protocol or F.A.S.T class with both the National Alpine ski team and Biathlon team.

During one-on-one treatments Ed is always looking for the root cause of the pain or dysfunction because if it is not addressed the symptoms will invariably reappear. He looks for quality of movement in your body, which can be as large as how you move your arms over your head or as small as the rise and fall of your chest during breathing. He believes that to move is to be healthy but understands that movement will manifest in different ways in different people. He wants to help people be the best they can be, given their unique lifestyle and experiences. To find the root cause of your problems using this encompassing approach he may look at your diet (food intolerances etc), your movement habits, the stress load in your life, your family history, the quality of your sleep and your mind set. He enjoys working with people who are ready to make a change. People who are not afraid to ask tough questions about what they were doing to get them into their current state and who are prepared to embrace new ways of thinking in order to be truly healthy.

Ed has two degrees, one in Exercise and Sports Science the other in Osteopathy.

Additional Training:
✔ Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute.

✔ A Diploma in Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy.

✔ Somatic Exercise Coach

✔ MovNat Instructor

✔ P-DTR Practitioner

✔ Wahls Certified Health Practitioner

Ed has spent the last 2 years continuing his journey into healing by travelling the world and learning from different disciplines. He has worked with the indigenous people in both Canada and the Philippines.
He is currently enrolled in a 3 year training with Osteopathic Physician Dr Wiess where he is exploring the how subtle energy forms that are well known outside of western medicine, like chakras and meridians, work in harmony with the structure of the body. When necessary Ed will incorporate this subtle type of work when he feels a treatment can be enhanced by addressing both the structure of the body and optimizing energy flow.

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