Isaac LynnOsteopathic Therapist

Isaac’s passion is to help you find the root causes of pain rather than simply chasing symptoms.You can expect a firm, structural treatment approach from Isaac including joint and soft tissue mobilizations, targeted rehabilitation advice and movement assessment.

It is often the case that the region causing pain isn’t where the problem lies, but is rather the resultant break in a chain of dysfunction and stress response. Isaac looks both locally and globally to find where the source of problem begins, providing you initial relief, but also long term prevention strategies.

Originally from Melbourne, Isaac has a background in treating athletes, and has worked with a full range of sporting endeavours from weekend warriors, to those that seek his help to compete internationally.

Having taught anatomy at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) and furthering his education through clinical pilates, Isaac applies his Osteopathic experience to help you to understand the ‘why’ behind your pain, and how simple lifestyle modifications can make a huge impact on your health.

If you are struggling with shoulder pain that hasn’t fully resolved with other forms of treatment, just hasn’t become better on its own, or is new and you’re not sure what to do, Isaac is a great choice for you.

During his years of clinical practice Isaac has also blended his knowledge of Osteopathy and clinical pilates in treating a variety of difficult hip and pelvic pain (a common precursor to low back pain). As a new Dad himself, Isaac also has first hand experience using Osteopathy to help with a variety of pregnancy related discomfort and preparation/postpartum recovery.