Joel GoulletOsteopathic Therapist


Joel completed his Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Applied Science in Osteopathy at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Though the majority of his training took place in Melbourne, Joel also studied under osteopaths and surgeons in Mumbai and Goa, India. There, he had the opportunity to observe several procedures such as ACL and PCL reconstructions, while working alongside shoulder surgeons, physiotherapists, radiologists, and sports doctors. This experience helped Joel gain a greater understanding of the role an osteopath plays in the recovery of common sports-related injuries and surgeries.

Joel takes a structural approach to osteopathy and focuses on addressing the source of pain, whether it’s related to spinal discs, nerves, muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, or other structures of the body. He believes a key aspect to recovery is patient education and strives to help you understand what is causing the pain, aspects that can facilitate healing, and offers potential symptomatic relief for your condition. Joel prides himself on tailoring treatments and a management plan to complement your lifestyle.

Joel has spent the past year in Brisbane working alongside physiotherapists, midwives, and other health professionals in multimodality clinics. His treatment approach has been shaped not only by his university study, but by the many great mentors he has had. In addition to his training in Osteopathy Joel has completed further study regarding:

• Managing pregnancy-related biomechanical pain
• How improper gym technique cause musculoskeletal injuries
• Peripheral and spinal joint manipulation
• Dry Needling, Cupping Therapy, and Kinesio Taping

From a young age, Joel has been fortunate to experience a healthy active lifestyle participating competitively in volleyball and Aussie Rules Football. He shared his love of fitness by working as a competitive swimming coach for several years and continues to be active as a long-distance runner. After suffering from a torn PCL at the age of 22, Joel understands firsthand how devastating it can be to have reduced mobility and constant pain, and how vital it is to receive effective treatment a recovery plan.

Joel strives to enable all his clients to experience the benefits of an active lifestyle confidently and pain-free. He is excited to broaden his knowledge and experience by working in Calgary. Ask him how he wound up here… it’s a good story!