Kara Thomas
Physiotherapist & Pelvic Health Therapist



Kara’s passion for physiotherapy started when she was young as a participant in competitive sports. As she became more involved in athletics, she realized there was a gap in accessibility for kids who had limitations keeping them from participating in sports. She decided to create change through volunteer work during her time at university, adapting sports to be more inclusive for children with varying abilities.


Kara completed her Master of Science in Physiotherapy from the University of Alberta. As Kara pursued her education in physiotherapy, she developed an interest in treating pelvic health and neurological conditions. With the understanding of how dysfunctions in the pelvic floor can affect one’s overall health and quality of life, Kara obtained her post-graduate certifications in treating pelvic floor conditions and certification in neurodevelopmental treatment.


Kara believes in treating with a holistic approach, using a combination of targeted exercises and manual therapy to help her patients achieve their goals. When Kara is not working, she can be found on outdoor adventures with her son, husband, and pup!