Kristie Norquay
Physiotherapist, Pelvic Floor Therapy, Yoga Therapy


Kristie is a pelvic health and orthopedic physiotherapist, yoga instructor, and certified yoga therapist.Her post-graduate studies include training in therapeutic yoga, pain neuroscience, trauma-informed care, pelvic health, pregnancy and chronic pelvic pain conditions. Kristie is regularly pursuing learning opportunities through courses, workshops, and attending conferences.

Kristie enjoys treating patients with a thoughtful, holistic approach and often integrates yoga into her evidence-based physiotherapy practice. She loves to build awareness of the body-mind connection and practices from a Biopsychosocial lens. Kristie is passionate about helping people feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations, and her goal is to help people better understand their bodies so they can flourish in life.

Before moving to Calgary, AB to work at Intrinsi, Kristie spent 10 years living and working in Golden, BC. During her time in Golden, she was the clinic director of Element Therapeutics and the owner of Golden Lotus Yoga Studio. She continues to travel to Golden as a visiting clinician and currently works out of Glacier PhysioLab.
Kristie is also a guest lecturer in the Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy Certification program, teaching pain neuroscience and pelvic health.

Outside of work, Kristie enjoys hiking, camping, trail running and travelling to new places – especially anywhere with sunshine, a beach and palm trees.