Spencer Pootz


Spencer’s goal as a physiotherapist is to help you get and stay active in a meaningful way, whether this means more evening walks, keeping up with your kids, or making gains in your competitive sport. He is passionate about the benefits of physical activity and approaches treatment with the understanding that we were born to move. Spencer believes that great care involves active recovery, and focuses on treating underlying causes as well as symptoms, as well as empowering his clients to contribute to their treatment.

As a lifelong competitive athlete in running and cycling, Spencer struggled early on with nagging injuries that affected his participation and enjoyment of sport. Discovering the science and theory behind movement and biomechanics naturally led him to a Bachelors of Kinesiology in at the University of Calgary, and then a Masters in Physiotherapy from the University of Alberta. His experiences in physiotherapy have broadened his perspective and taught him that active treatment approaches benefit everyone, not just athletes. He is happy to see that modern physiotherapy has shifted its focus to the attainment of health rather than merely the absence of injury.

Spencer continues to run and cycle competitively in Alberta, while also participating in hockey, backcountry skiing, and hiking. He has bicycle-toured across Canada, as well as other multi-week touring adventures in Australia, New Zealand, and the US. He is an experienced professional bike fitter which, combined with his physiotherapy training, makes him uniquely qualified to assist cyclists. Career highlights include working with local professional triathletes, international level para-athletes, and excellent public health experiences at Foothills, Rockyview, and Peter Lougheed Hospitals.

Spencer Pootz