Stephanie TsiaPhysiotherapist

Stephanie Tsia


Growing up, sports played a huge role in Steph’s life. As a competitive swimmer, runner, and triathlete, she came to recognize how much it meant to have your body perform for you and how devastating it could be if it didn’t. Unfortunately, after sustaining an injury herself, Steph experienced that very devastation. Thankfully, she was surrounded by a strong team of coaches, healthcare professionals, and teammates that greatly aided her recovery. It was at that moment Steph realized she too wanted to be able to play a pivotal role in shaping others’ recovery and thus, was inspired to pursue a path towards physiotherapy.
Steph received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary and subsequently, her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta. Adjunct to her academic career, she worked as a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor.

She also closely worked with triathletes as an Exercise Physiologist and Strength and Conditioning Intern.
Outside of the clinic, Steph seeks adventure wherever she can find it. You could probably find her trekking through the backcountry, running through the trails, or 60-feet off the ground at her favorite climbing gym.

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