Terra VaughanCranio-Sacral Therapist

As a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Terra brings a compassionate, intuitive sensitivity to her work that empowers clients to know that their bodies have the ability to not only heal, but also thrive.

Our bodies are dynamic, living organisms that are shifting, changing and adapting constantly to our environment; this is palpable and expressed in the body through subtle rhythms. Terra’s trained and specific touch, allows attunement to these rhythms, providing whole body communication with specific feedback as to where it needs assistance.

As the client’s system orients to the neutral space, the central nervous system begins to shift into a state of balance and homeostasis. From there, tissues are able to reorganize, joints release tension; vertebra can come into alignment, simultaneously freeing patterns of held trauma and stress in the body.

Terra is deeply passionate about human connection and providing a safe and supportive container that allows for the enfoldment of her client’s inherent health. She strongly believes in the intelligence of the body and its profound ability and willingness to heal.