Why Do You Need a Running Assessment?

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It’s no secret that running is hard on your body over time. It’s a great way to exercise, stay healthy, and burn off stress, but the constant pounding of your feet on the ground can lead to back and joint issues. 

Whether you run twice a month or every day, it’s a great idea to get a running assessment from Intrinsi! 

Our professionals use running assessment technology to look at the specifics of your gait and running habits to help prevent injuries and make your runs efficient. The running assessment could keep you running safely and more efficiently and keep you on the right track. 

What Is Gait Analysis?

Our evaluation includes a running gait assessment that allows our professionals to give you a gait analysis. Many runners wonder what a gait analysis is used for and how it can improve their running, so you’re not alone if you have some questions. 

The gait analysis is used to determine the specifics of your stride, including how your feet absorb the impact when they land and how they move when they push off for another step. 

We use a high-speed video gait analysis which allows us to see exactly what happens as your feet hit the ground and prepare for your next step. 

The running gait assessment allows us to make proper recommendations and provide you with stretches or exercises to improve your gait. The results could significantly impact your running style and leave you with a stronger and more efficient stride. 

What Is the Role of Gait Analysis?

The role of the gait analysis is to provide you with specific data on how your feet hit the ground and push off the ground as you’re running. 

Running gait assessments have helped new runners and professional runners alike because it gives them insights that they would have never known about their running style. 

A gait analysis serves to improve your running habits, prevent future injuries, and make you a stronger runner. 

This seems like a tall order, but our educated professionals have the experience and knowledge to give you an in-depth report based on what they see during the running gait assessment.  

Important Factors for Running Gait Analysis

Many important factors are considered during a running gait analysis. One of the most important factors is your cadence, which is the number of steps you take per minute. 

You want to keep this consistent because a consistent cadence helps you stay on pace and keep similar mile times if you’re running long distances. 

Another important factor determined through a gait analysis is the foot strike, or how your foot hits the ground while you’re running. This assessment can determine if your feet land on the inside of your foot, outside of your foot, or flat. 

While this seems insignificant, training your feet to stay flat (neutral) when landing can improve your running and prevent injuries. 

Finally, the running gait assessment can also determine your running strength. You may need to engage in various exercises or stretches to improve strength in your quads or hamstrings. The assessment will provide you with guidance on how to improve your strength for running. 

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We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your running goals!

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