Luke FernandesDirector & Physiotherapist

Luke first became aware of physiotherapists at an early age after suffering a shoulder subluxation while playing soccer. His first physiotherapist was in fact legally blind and Luke was amazed at how with just the use of his hands, the physiotherapist was able to reduce the subluxation and help Luke get back on to the playing field. Sports have always provided an outlet for Luke to challenge his body and has more than his fair share of injuries to show for it. From ankle, back and neck sprains to requiring surgery on a torn ACL in 2010, Luke has first hand experience as to how injuries happen, how they feel and how they can be treated.

He owes this vast amount of personal experience due to his time playing competitive soccer at the youth level of Leicester City Football Academy, racquet sports including Badminton and Squash, to combat sports including Boxing. That being said, Golf is his ultimate love and has received extensive training with the Titleist Performance Institute who largely make up medical teams that support professional golfers on the PGA and LPGA tour.

Luke has over 10 years of experience in physiotherapy. He received a Batchelor of Science in Physiotherapy from Manchester Metropolitan University in England in 2007 and began working on a neurorehabilitation ward in Leicestershire assisting stroke patients on their road to recovery. He moved to Calgary, AB in 2008 and worked primarily in privately owned orthopaedic settings. He has over 5 years in leading and managing multi-disciplinary teams including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, psychologists and kinesiologists demonstrating his belief that patients stand to be given the best of care when they are surrounded by a team working for them and their individual goals. The sum of all parts is greater than an individual.

Luke’s post education training has consisted of gaining his acupuncture certification (CAFCI), functional dry needling, CPA Level 2 Manual Therapist and is listed on the Spinal Manipulation roster. He has taken numerous courses on sports and postural taping and the Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 for Golf Medical Rehab. He will complete the highest level in the summer of 2018.

Education, personal experience and a analytical mind help Luke to identify your body’s driver for pain. Whether you want to move better or hit that driver an extra 10 yards, come see Luke for an assessment to help achieve your goals.